Sunday, May 26, 2024

Khama plays down his A-Team faction defeat

Hardly a day after the election of the Botswana Democratic Party leadership and no sooner had the dust settled than a recipe for further internal bickering was prepared by none other than President Lieutenant General Ian Khama by appointing Tebelelo Seretse, who lost the Chairpersonship to Daniel Kwelagobe, and four others rejected by the voters, as ordinary members of the Central Committee.
In addition to Seretse, those included in the list of special appointments are: Lieutenant General Mompati Merafhe, Jacob Nkate and Isaac Seloko as well as Malebogo Kruger.
Dr Comma Serema, Executive Secretary of the BDP, explained thus, “This is in line with Article 30.5 of the Party Constitution, which states that the President of the Party shall appoint five ordinary members of the Central Committee from other Party members.”
Serema’s argument notwithstanding, the move has been viewed by analysts as an insult to voters, and, to an extent, gives credence to allegations making rounds that┬á “DK’s life will be made miserable” so that his victory becomes of no consequence.
Moreover, the fact that Merafhe and Nkate are members of Cabinet raises the question of whether Khama’s offer for members of the Executive to choose between remaining in their positions, on the one hand, and availing themselves as candidates for the party was genuine.
The people’s choice at the Kanye Congress comprised the group commonly regarded as the pro Kwelagobe-Kedikilwe faction.
 Daniel Kwelagobe topped the list as Party Chairman, Gomolemo Motswaledi for Secretary General, Wynter Mmolotsi as Deputy Secretary General and Satar Dada got the Treasure position with Kagiso Mmusi as his assistant.
For Additional Members, Neo Kealotswe, Kabo Morwaeng, Guma Moyo, and Leach Tlhomelang, as well as Thato Kwerepe were favoured by the BDP electorate.
On the wisdom that informed Khama’s decision not to take anybody else other than the losers, Serema posited that it is only for the President, and that “he is under no obligation to explain his choice”.


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