Friday, August 12, 2022

Khama promises Batlokwa more developments

The Batlokwa main kgotla was filled to capacity on Thursday when President Ian Khama and some Cabinet Ministers promised the villagers that the government will deliver on key development issues in Tlokweng.

Villagers raised concern about Tlokweng being turned into an illegal dumping site, whereby the village becomes a health hazard to the people.

President Khama instructed the Tlokweng Police Station Commander to appoint members of the police to tighten their security patrol around the village during the day and at night, adding that action should be taken on such offenders.

He said it is illegal to do such practices.

Another issue that was raised at the kgotla meeting by the Batlokwa was that they want Tlokweng to be withdrawn from Ramotswa as a sub council-South East North. They said they want Tlokweng to be independent and centralise its activities and developments.

They said that the administration of activities of Tlokweng from Ramotswa takes forever because of long processes.

“The high electricity tariff charges issues will be looked into in order to make it affordable for everyone,” said Khama.

He pledged sports equipment to the villagers and added that they will contribute positively to sports activities, particularly the students and existing football teams.

A villager raised concern about the completion of the construction of the Tlokweng-Zeerust road which is long overdue. She said a lot of accidents have occurred and many people have lost their lives due to car accidents. She said the construction company is taking too long to demolish house structures which were marked to be removed for the construction of the road.

Village elder and Village Development Committee VDC Chairperson, Morwadi Podile, asked the President to assist in fund raising activities in order to develop the village sports complex, which she estimated to be P500 000. She said VDC is expecting to make money after the completion of the stadium.

“There is a shortage of accommodation in the village; the VDC also needs assistance,” said Podile.

Another villager, Ronnie Bogatsu, expressed concern about the high prices of private schools, which he said the Ministry of Education Skills Development should look into closely and monitor them. He said the English medium school fees are ridiculous while the parents are trying to assist by easing the government’s load of enrollment at public schools.

“Local tenders should be given to local graduates to empower them as a source of employment,” said Bogatsu.┬á┬á┬á┬á

It was President Khama’s second official visit after he addressed the other kgotla two years ago in Tlokweng.

He was welcomed by Kgosi Puso Gaborone and his deputy, Michael Gaborone.


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