Saturday, April 13, 2024


Former President Lt Gen Ian Khama is on Tuesday expected to make or break the political career of his estranged brother Tshekedi Khama.

Khama is currently campaigning to oust a number of Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) stalwarts and will next week come up against his brother who is the BDP parliamentary candidate for Serowe West.

Khama who is the chief of Bangwato is scheduled to address the tribe on Tuesday in a bid to force Tshekedi to dump the BDP.

Tshekedi inherited the Serowe West constituency from his elder brother Ian Khama. Lt General Ian Khama has since turned against the party his father founded and has gone on record that he will be campaigning it out of power.

Tshekedi Khama has on the other hand stuck to the BDP pitting him against his elder brother.

Ian Khama’s trusted ally and Serowe councillor Atamelang Thaga told a political rally at Masuga Freedom Square in Serowe on Thursday that, “On September 10th Tuesday the Paramount Chief of Bangwato Ian Khama will be addressing the residents of Serowe West and the general public to obtain their political pulse on Tshekedi political residence.”

Thaga told the rally that they want Tshekedi to ditch the BDP and join the opposition Botswana Patriotic Front.

Also in the line of fire is former cabinet minister and Ian Khama’s first cousin Ramadeluka Seretse. The son of Botswana’s former Vice President and Sir Seretse Khama’s cousin Lenyeletse Seretse has broken ranks with Ian Khama and will be contesting for the Serowe South Constituency as an independent candidate.

Ramadeluka Seretse’s brother and Serowe councillor, Foster Seretse who is Ian Khama’s longstanding ally has also cut ties with the former president and has thrown his weight behind his brother.

Councillor Thaga told the Serowe political rally that. “On the 28thBPF leadership alongside the Paramount Chief will invade Mothetshwane and peripheral areas on a motorcade to wipe out BDP’s existence in Serowe North constituency. We do not care about the existence of Ramadeluka Seretse in the area. Re ta bo re gaila,” (we will be flattening everything on the way) Thaga said.

Ramadeluka Seretse has confirmed that he will stand as an independent Parliamentary candidate for Serowe North constituency following a breakdown of negotiations between himself and the BPF leadership.

Councillor Thaga further told the rally that

“On the same day the marauding entourage will descend Serowe West constituency by which time Tshekedi will be on our side”

The Botswana Patriotic Front which is backed by former President Lt Gen Ian Khama has positioned Baratiwa Mathoothe to stand against Tshekedi Khama in Serowe North, should the former president’s brother spurn the courtship to join the BPF.

Mathoothe has however indicated that he would step down for Tshekedi should he agree to join the BPF.

The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) is expected to surrender the Serowe constituencies to the BPF and possibly some in the Central District.

Former President Lt Gen Ian Khama is currently working with consultants in South Africa to draft a paper that would guide the cooperation between the UDC and the BPF.

Councillor Thaga hinted at the cooperation between the BPF and UDC when he told the rally in Serowe that the BPF will be contesting against the BDP only in Serowe.

BPF Serowe South Parliamentary candidate Lesedi Leapetswe pleaded with UDC membership and leadership to surrender the Serowe and Central constituencies.


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