Monday, May 27, 2024

Khama throws Butale under the bus

Assistant Minister of Health and Wellness Biggie Butale found himself in an uncomfortable position yesterday (Saturday) after former President Lt Gen Ian Khama blabbed to a public meeting about how the assistant minister had told off President Mokgweetsi Masisi.

Khama told a political gathering in Serowe yesterday he recently had a private meeting with Butale. Following the meeting, Masisi summoned Butale to question him about the meeting. Butale allegedly told Masisi that he had gone to complain to Khama that Masisi was terrorising them. Butale would not discuss the issue with the Sunday Standard saying he was still at a funeral.

The meeting between Butale and Khama is believed to have been around the time when Butale was alleged to be masterminding a plan by Khama and the New Jerusalem faction to collapse the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) majority in Parliament by defecting en masse. A consultancy report by a team of experts engaged by Khama’s sponsors in South Africa states that, “interviews with members of the ruling BDP indicate Mr Khama to enjoy support of half of ministers and legislators. It is reported 10 to 12 legislators are prepared to resign from the ruling party to force a collapse of government. At the time of conducting interviews no legal position was known for the resignation of the legislators in support of Mr Khama.”

It is understood that Butale consulted a local lawyer who is sympathetic to the New Jerusalem faction on the issue but was advised that it was not viable.

In an earlier interview with the Sunday Standard Butale however denied ever consulting any lawyer on the issue.

Khama told the meeting in Serowe over the weekend that Butale was next to be kicked out of the BDP because he was believed to be sympathetic to him.

Butale will face the BDP Disciplinary Committee on May 7th following a letter by Tati West Branch Secretary Tlhalosang Muchauza stating that Butale had indicated that he would contest the elections as an independent candidate. “We therefore suspect a hidden political agenda. Thereby, he is using government resources and kgotla meetings as a platform to campaign. We therefore invite the party office to make any immediate intervention and investigate.”


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