Friday, December 1, 2023

Khama to deliver State of Nation address tomorrow

President Ian Khama will take the podium to deliver his State of the Nation Address 2011 tomorrow (Monday) at the National Assembly.

Addressing members of the media on Friday, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr. Margaret Nasha, said 19 motions will be discussed by the house as well as 189 questions from Members of Parliament.

Nasha said the house will use three days for the discussion and questions. She stated that after the State of Nation address on Monday, the parliamentary debates are expected to take place from Wednesday.

“Constitutional Amendment Bill will be discussed by MPs and there will be seven ministers’ questions time,” said Nasha.

She said the Agricultural Support Project Bill will be discussed, along with the Gratuity and Pension’s Amendment Bill and the Public Finance Management Amendment Bill.

Nasha said the Public Audit Bill will also be amongst Parliamentary discussions, adding that the government continues to be guided by the principles of democracy, development, dignity and discipline.

She stated that, as a democratic state, disciplined by public accountability, “the government is entrusted to develop the nation in a manner that enhances our collective dignity”.

According to Nasha, if the nation wants to achieve the goal of becoming a more productive and prosperous nation, while meeting the Millennium Development Goals, the nation must further accept the responsibility of self-empowerment by setting and achieving globally competitive standards of excellence for ourselves.

Meanwhile, Nasha revealed that President Khama will honour the Vice President, Lt. General Mompati Sebogodi Merafhe, with the Naledi ya Botswana (NB), which she said is defined as “an honour awarded for outstanding service to the Republic of Botswana”.

She said Merafhe could not attend the ceremony earlier a couple of months back as he was leading the Botswana delegation to the 66th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

“The Botswana Honours is provided for in terms of the Botswana Honours Act of 1967 in recognition of his illustrious ongoing service to the nation,” said Nasha.

She urged members of the private sector and members of the public to attend the annual ceremony as it is open for everyone.

President Khama is expected to cover all areas of national concern. The State of the Nation Address is expected to be presented in such a way that it reports on the current status of the nation, gauged against the health of the nation as was captured in the immediate past address.


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