Sunday, March 3, 2024

Khama vents his jokes against Donald Trump

President Ian Khama last Friday fired a broadside at American Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump.

Speaking at Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) official opening of the party’s Extra Ordinary Congress in Mogoditshane Khama joked that he does not want to be compared to Trump.

Khama fired the salvo whilst appreciating the members of his party who had managed to combine  the colours of Botswana national flag and those of the BDP as their attire at the special congress.

Khama himself managed to combine those colours.

“Today is Friday and as you all know we have requested Batswana to wear colours of our national flag; we have also requested BDP members to wear party colours. But I also know that it is confusing to some members of the BDP,” he said. 

Khama added that “They are not sure whether to wear party colours or the national flag colours on Fridays. But it is very simple, if you are a member of BDP you can wear both colours on Fridays.”

Pointing at the crowd Khama identified those who combined the national flag colours and the party colours saying, “I can see there are those who are very smart in the crowd; they managed to combine all the colours, if you look around you will realise the people who I am talking about, (he said as he looked at his attire) anyway I do not want to brag about it, I do not want to be like Donald Trump.”

This is not the first time that Khama indirectly chided Trump. 

In a Facebook page Khama said “It is also my hope that the United States of America will, under new leadership, continue to engage with the international community in the spirit of partnership and solidarity and be all embracing and tolerant of different cultures, religions and race,” the post reads partly.

The Facebook post further reads thus, “I state this because, some of the utterances that have come out during the recent presidential debates are a source of concern for me, as some of these values and principles would be under threat in the event those responsible for them were to assume the Presidency.”

Khama’s Facebook post came after a rally held in February in North Charleston, South Carolina where Trump reportedly uttered a statement advocating for banning of Muslims coming into America.

Trump has been under fire for comments he uttered against Muslims. He initially proposed a temporary ban on all Muslims from entering the United States after the terrorist attacks in Paris.


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