Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Khama whips BDP MPs against Nasha

President Ian Khama has told Members of Parliament from his Botswana Democratic Party that he will have difficulties with Margaret Nasha’s re-election as Speaker of the National Assembly.

Khamahas told the BDP parliamentary caucus that Nasha is a difficult person who cannot be trusted, Sunday Standard has learnt.

In what those present say amounted to a vicious onslaught against Nasha, President Khama catalogued a series of Nasha’s crimes.

These, he said included campaigning for the opposition.

Khama said Nasha had so fallen in love with opposition that on the day that the President was inaugurated last week she arrived clad in opposition colours.

The President however did not say which two opposition parties, the UDC and BCP Nasha’s dress code depicted.

During the BDP caucus meeting, BDP Members of Parliament were literally whipped into reneging on the promises some of them had earlier made to Nasha that they would back her in her bid for re-election.

One by one they started saying they would not be voting for her.

Nasha is expected to stand against Gladys Kokorwe, a former minister and Botswana’s ambassador to Harare.Kokorwe is Khama’s favorite.

Critics hold that she will roll back the gains already made in asserting the independence of parliament.

Khama has also accused Nasha of campaigning for opposition.

Specifically he said it was Nasha who tutored UDC’s Brigadier IphemeleKgokgothwane on how to conduct house to house campaigns.

Speaking to Sunday Standard, Nasha has dismissed the allegations leveled against her.

“I caught wind of that, but look I am not going to be derailed. I stand for a principle of democracy and complete independence of parliament. If I am going to be voted out for those principles, so be it, but it must be done on the floor of Parliament,” she said to Sunday Standard.

A court case is expected to start next week in which President Khama is among other things challenging the constitutionality of amendments made to the parliamentary Standing Orders allowing MPs to vote for the Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Vice President in a secret ballot.
Khama wants the positions to be voted through a public show of hands.

While pressure will now be on Nasha following Khama’s behavior at the BDP caucus to whip MPs into line, the opposition UDC and BCP has already declared their support for her.

The UDC wants to be given the position of Deputy Speaker and they have nominated Abram Kesupile for that position.


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