Sunday, March 3, 2024

KI and gang fuses BOT50 with cultural and Christianity

Kaone Ramontshonyane  (K1) of the Big Brother Africa fame is to speak of his road to Christianity in a tell-all testimony. Sunday Standard Lifestyle has the details of how to get to witness his testament.

The beginning of 2016 marked the count-down to the celebration of this year’s Independence which is a golden jubilee. Come September 30 Botswana will be a half century old. 

Though there has been a series of mixed reviews regarding the preparations for this auspicious occasion, the one thing that remains certain is that Batswana have gone literally crazy branding everything they can get their hands on with the national colours of blue, black and white. Hairstyles, make-up and outfits are increasingly becoming more outrageous and eyebrow raising.

Not to be left behind in the Independence madness, a group of like-minded God-fearing young adults have come up with the Adventist Music Convention. In an interview with Lifestyle, one of the pioneers, Kaone Ramontshonyane also known as K1 explained that the event is a gospel music celebration of Adventist music, primarily celebrating the freedom of choice of religion which has peacefully prevailed in Botswana for the past 50 years and still counting.

K1, of DStv’s Big Brother Africa fame is now a born again Christian and being a performing artist he is trying to find a means of fusing culture and Christianity citing that the fundamental principles driving the Setswana culture of respect, discipline and self reliance go hand in hand with basic Christian values.  K1 also alludes to the fact that culture and Christianity have the two values of kindness and selflessness in common and that it was about time the two of them were merged to restore hope in humanity. 

In further pursuit of culture and Christianity fusion, at this festival the theme will be “Botswana Culture” and all of the performing artists and choirs will be dressed in traditional attire and the attendants are encouraged to come dressed according to the theme. And as a cherry on top there will be traditional Setswana cuisine available for sale for at the music convention.   

This particular event, however, will be primarily focused on Adventist music, but since music is a universal language and in a way appeals to all hearts they are therefore seeking the support of the nation as a whole for support. It is also open to people of all faiths and will also serve as a platform for expression of art for all Christians and the religiously inclined.      

They also expecting fraternal guests, The Inspiration Ministries from South Africa and One in Christ from Lesotho and as special treat K1 will also provide his testimony at the show; telling the story of his life, her journey as a public figure how he handled fame until he made the bold decision to give his life to God at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in 2014.


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