Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Know basics of FIRST AID, for the sake of your loved ones

Stop for a second and ponder the question: What is First Aid?
Of course, the answer is ‘the immediate care given to an injured or suddenly ill person’.

Remember this immediate care is a skill that is learnt and applied in a situation of need, whether one is alone with a victim, or as a part of a team of emergency care providers. Not looking at the level of training an individual might have, it is the basic principles and practices that will save a victim’s life.

“People must look for information by asking relevant people like at the Red Cross, First Aid trainers and hospitals,” says Lenox Chepete, an Emergency care provider by profession.
First Aid involves more than doing things for others; it also includes treatment that people can do for themselves.

“A lot of people have lost their lives because people that they were with knew nothing about First Aid, so I’ll urge people out there to learn more about First Aid,” counseled Tony Motswasele, an employee with one of the Emergency Medical Service companies in Botswana.
On his part, the training coordinator at Emergency Assist 991, Mr Tawanda Munyoro, urged the community at large to take First Aid lessons.

“We are rendering training at Emergency Assist 991 and all are welcome,” he said.

One might ask why we need to provide First Aid.

First Aid preserves life. It is also applied to prevent further injuries. Besides all these, it promotes recovery.
Properly applied, First Aid may mean the difference between life and death, between rapid recovery and a long hospitalization or between a temporary disability and permanent injury.
This is going to be a long journey, so sail with me. Bye for now!.

* Seinyatseng Modise is an Intermediate Life Support Provider/paramedic.


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