Wednesday, June 19, 2024

KPMG Botswana publishes guide to prospective investors in Botswana

Being ranked amongst the fastest growing economies in Africa, with reputably sound economic policies, Botswana is expected to be a magnet that attracts investors and the rest of Africa.

In a bid to prop up this, KPMG Botswana has launched a first of its kind guide to Investing in Botswana, a publication that provides essential information to foreign investors, regarding the country and its economy, political scenario, taxation, corporate law, among others.

The latest edition provides an overview of the economy, the process of setting up a business, and clear summaries of legal, regulatory and tax considerations.

The publication provides an undeniable analysis of why investors should consider investing in Botswana and then provides a detailed analysis of trade and customs and incentives offered to investors. The document has provided insight into what the country is doing to attract investors.

Speaking at the launch on Wednesday, Nigel Dixon-Warren, a partner at KPMG, said the project is part of KPMG efforts to promote investment in Botswana.

Dixon-Warren emphasized the need for an investor guide as the whole world is now looking into Africa for investment.

“Diamond Trading Company (DTC) will be relocating to Botswana; though it’s a small group, it represents a concerted purchasing power,” he said.

Dixon-Warren expressed optimism, saying that through this initiative, they look forward to attracting investors into Botswana. He added that the edition will be subject to renewal every two years or when need arises.

Although the guide covers many relevant areas, it is not designed to provide the complex and detailed information on decision making.


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