Friday, July 19, 2024

Kwelagobe urges constructors to finish projects on time

The Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Daniel Kwelagobe, urged constructors to always finish their projects on time.
Addressing participants at the Construction Sector Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Thursday, Kwelagobe told constructors to always strive to deliver quality products and services as well as to strictly adhere to the applicable laws and regulations governing the construction industry.
Over the years, he said, the construction sector has made important contributions to the rapid economic growth experienced by this country. He said improving infrastructure is recognized as a key factor in increasing growth and reducing poverty.
“Slow implementation of approved projects remains a concern to the government as it retards the achievement of the National Development Plan (NDP) and Vision 2016 goals,” he said.

He said the construction industry plays a very significant role in any nation’s development and revealed that its contribution to the 2005/20006 Gross Domestic Product stood at 4.4 percent. For the same period, the minister said, its contribution to total employment was 4.82 percent.

“The partnering with government on the efficient delivery of development projects is the key to success and can benefit both the public and private sectors,” said Kwelagobe. “Partnering entails voluntary, organized processes by which two or more organizations, with shared interests, perform as a team to achieve mutually beneficial goals by maximising the effectiveness of each participant’s contribution.” He added that the government recognizes the private sector as the true engine of socio-economic and development growth. “Without a vibrant private sector, there cannot be any meaningful development,” he stressed.

Kwelagobe said this year’s budget, like many others before it, represents a great opportunity to the private sector to grow and diversify. With a stable macroeconomic environment and the increase in the fiscal resources, he said, the government could further reduce poverty and improve the quality and access to basic services.

As a way of embracing partnership, the minister stated that the government had established consultative forums aiming at facilitating smooth working relations between government and the private sector on a continuous basis. In addition, he said the government had come up with initiatives, such as the Performance Management System (PMS), which aim at enhancing service delivery in the public sector. “Through the PMS initiative, government will vigorously continue pursuing its efforts to streamline government operations. This will be done in order to stamp out the red tape and bureaucracy.”

On her part, the Chief Executive Officer of BOCCIM, Maria Machailo-Ellis, emphasized that there is a lack of coordination and transmission and said there was a need to have an organized private sector. “The gap is not only in the construction sector but is everywhere and it needs urgent attention,” she said. “Individual businesses should know exactly what they want.”

Machailo-Ellis appealed to Kwelagobe to “help us as a private sector to keep our hands clean” so as to facilitate better communication.


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