Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Larger-than-life Breast Cancer ribbon mounted in new CBD

Breast cancer accounts for nearly one in every three cancers in Batswana women, said PrimeTime director, Turnie Morolong.

On Saturday, PrimeTime partnered with Journey of Hope in a bid to raise awareness for breast cancer. Breast examinations were conducted at Sebele Centre, followed by a procession led by Journey of Hope riders on their iconic pink Vespas to Prime Plaza.

PrimeTime also unveiled a specially commissioned breast cancer awareness ribbon mounted on the Prime Plaza Acacia building. This, according to Morolong, was the impetus behind the partnership with Journey of Hope. Journey of Hope, is a non-profit organisation, aims to increase awareness by choosing predetermined routes through which breast cancer survivors ride and spread the message that, with early detection, breast cancer can be beaten.

The morning commenced with an address from Morolong, followed by a talk from Journey of Hope representative, Mrs. Sandi Field, on the importance of breast cancer awareness.

Gazebos were set up within the parking lot of Sebele Centre, promoting free breast cancer
examinations by volunteer nurses from Journey of Hope throughout the course of the morning.
Following the welcome remarks, attendees led a procession of nine Journey of Hope riders on pink Vespas that travelled down the Western Bypass and towards Prime Plaza in the new CBD. Riders were escorted by members of the Botswana Police.

Greeting the riders at Prime Plaza, guests saw the day culminate in the unveiling of a larger than life breast cancer ribbon mounted on the external wall of Prime Plaza’s Acacia building.

“Journey of Hope spreads optimism through the communities it rides through,” said Sandi Field of Journey of Hope. “It needs to be understood and appreciated that routine breast self-examinations can help prevent breast cancer and make treatment less strenuous.”

Morolong added: “We are incredibly pleased and humbled to have worked with Journey of Hope and to have received such assistance by members of the Police Force for this initiative. Through this awareness effort, we hope to encourage more organisations and individuals to join in and spread the message for increased breast cancer awareness and support for those inflicted.”

The breast cancer ribbon, visible to drivers passing the new CBD, commands the attention of all those within the CBD. It is hoped that it will serve as a reminder, during October, which is breast cancer awareness month, for all to get involved in breast cancer awareness efforts in some way.


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