Sunday, May 28, 2023

Late rainfalls ploughing resulted in low hectares

Late rainfall in most parts of the country has led to low number of hectares having been ploughed around the country this ploughing season.
As of end of February, only 172,121,85 hectares have been ploughed and planted around the country according to Ministry of Agriculture Principal Public Relations Officer Geofery Pheko. Besides late rainfalls, Pheko said that there has also been the problem of shortage of ploughing implements around the country.
He also blamed overlapping payments for ploughing under ISPAAD for the low hectares ploughed this current season. The late rainfalls has on two occasions led the Ministry to extend ploughing time under ISPAAD after realisation that most farmers have not ploughed.
Besides the late rainfall, Batswana have also been accused of failing to plan for ploughing in time. The blame was made by the Director of Crops Division Galeitsewe Ramokatlane.
“When rain starts falling, Batswana then start planning to go and plough instead of starting to plough and this in my view also contributes to low hectares being ploughed,” said Ramokatlane.
Their advice he said is that farmers should plan early for ploughing and start ploughing as soon as rain starts falling. He also advised those who have already ploughed to take good care of their fields.


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