Friday, July 12, 2024

Law enforcement institutions closing in on Kgosi

By Thobo Motlhoka

There seems to be no escape for former Director General of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) Isaac Kgosi with all the country’s top law enforcement institutions looking to sink their teeth on the once untouchable spy chief. On Friday Kgosi’s Phakalane mansion turned into a crime scene for the second time in just a couple weeks as the state looks to build a case against him. Officials from the Directorate of Economic Crime (DCEC), Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS), Financial Intelligence Agency (FIA), Botswana Police, and the DISS pounced on Kgosi again, leaving his house with various documents and unidentified material as they look to strengthen their case against former President, Ian Khama’s right hand man.

Their search warrant however could not guarantee smooth access into Kgosi’s residence. The once powerful Kgosi who has now turned into a shadow of his former self, spent a couple of hours trying to put up a fight in front of media cameras.

“I will not let you into my house unless you can tell me what it is that you are specifically looking for,” Kgosi had said before yielding to the officials.

Such boldness and determination to bring Kgosi to order by the officials would have been unheard of just a year ago when the former DISS called the shots under then President Khama.

And such was the fear instilled by Kgosi among ordinary citizens that even past the spy chief’s prime, a neighbor turned down a request by the officials to bear witness to the search and seizure as required by law.

Kgosi’s Phakalane fortress had now turned into a hive of activity, his countless motion detector security cameras working overtime as law enforcement officers made their way freely in and around the compound.

The disgraced former DISS chief was now a subject to the same powers he used to wield. Even his predecessor, new DISS Director General Peter Magosi, was quick to acknowledge the predicament and vulnerability the once mighty Kgosi found himself in, advising the media to keep a distance lest they “intimidate” the former spy chief. Magosi would not share with the media information on what was discovered in Kgosi’s house. “I will not say exactly what we found in the house because that could possibly compromise our ongoing investigations.”

Magosi said the decision to return to Kgosi’s Phakalane residence was informed by the gaps they had to fill in their investigations. The new DISS Director also refused to comment on whether the latest raid could have been triggered by his predecessor’s threats to topple the government during his arrest upon arrival at Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (SSKIA) back in January. This past Friday February 15, Magosi had initially arrived just minutes after Kgosi finally allowed officers into the compound, perhaps a sign that he had rushed over to rescue the situation. Rocking his dark signature sunglasses, baseball cap, and sleeveless khaki cardigan, Magosi was a busy man, jumping into his new Jeep SUV occasionally to go check on other ongoing operations.

His army of an estimated 100 officials were busy raiding premises of Kgosi’s allies across Gaborone. They searched places belonging to Kgosi, his accountant John Little who was seen being escorted to his car and leaving his company premises accompanied by one official, Kgosi’s side kick and DIS agent known as Wilhelmina, and construction moghul Kagiso Sebina among others.


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