Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Law society’s blacklisting shocks, angers practitioners

Some of the country’s prominent lawyers who have been blacklisted by the Law Society of Botswana over issues relating to best legal practice are contemplating action against the society.

The country’s practicing lawyers have expressed not only shock but dismay at the conduct of the country’s law body that is tasked with monitoring and regulating the conduct of lawyers.

What action the aggrieved lawyers intend to take is not clear at the moment. However, what is clear though is that the lawyers are not impressed by the fact that the society has never communicated to them, either verbally or in a written form, that they have a case to answer.

The bone of contention, lawyers claim, is that they were never served with any formal or informal complaint about their wrong doings. They claim they still remain open to be informed accordingly.

This after the Law Society of Botswana barred scores of practicing lawyers from practice for apparent failure to regularize their operations. The society communicated this through adverts in the print media.

Lawyers, numerous of them, claim the law society has never approached them formally to raise the apparent concerns about their code of practice.

To this end, more than a dozen lawyers converged at a secluded location on Friday to chart the way forward. They, in the presence of this publication, expressed “utter shock and dismay” at the conduct of the LSB and did not rule out action against the society.

Some of the lawyers who attended the meeting include Annah Motlhagodi, Isaac Seloko, Situ Chilume, Unoda Mack, and Cyntia Sekga among others.


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