Monday, September 21, 2020

Leave the past in the past!

Do you let your past control your future? Do you let past experiences determine how you conduct yourself today? What if your past experiences are incompatible with the future you want? What if your past has programmed you to behave in a way that is irrelevant to your future? In that case how do you wean yourself from the past?

My theory is that the past is just the past, it’s neither good nor bad, its just the past. But the interesting thing about the past is that it will answer to any name you give it. If you call it a curse, it will be a curse that haunts you. At the same time if you call it a blessing it will be.
Of course the past is a part of you, it is part of your mental DNA.

Maybe that is why most people feel a sense of justification about holding on to their past even if that past doesn’t serve them any more.

Most often the way you behaved in the past though it may have been useful then will not take you to the future. The results that you created yesterday will not be created by the same pattern of behavior.

Why? Because as variables change you also need to change the way you apply yourself to the challenges in front of you as they present themselves.

It is for this reason that you need to step out from your past and begin to live your life in a future oriented way. What determines how you behave today is not the past but the commitment to what you want to be and do in the future. If your past is much more important to you than your future then you will continue to behave the same old way you have always behaved in the past. In which case it will be much more challenging for you to wean yourself from your past habits and to adopt patterns of behavior that will serve as a foundation for your future achievements.
When dealing with your past it is important to put it in perspective, don’t be prisoner of your past because who you are and where you have been are not as important as what you can become and where you can go.

Life is about having a perfect balance between the past, the present and the future. While at the same time knowing very well that the present is a bridge between your past and your future. Today is the future you used to talk excitedly about and hoped for, and very soon it will be the past. So to have a past you can be proud of, you only have to act today in a way that is consistent with the past you want.

At the same time to also have a future that you will be proud of you have to act today in a way that is consistent with the future you want.

Of course it is easier to behave the same old way you have always behaved because after all there is security in familiarity. Security is what keeps most of us stuck in one place, and the irony of that is that the more you remain inactive because you want to remain secure the more you will be insecure in the long run. So personal freedom comes at a price and that price is the sacrifice of our short term personal freedoms.

If you are not prepared to sacrifice your comfort to make your comfort zone even bigger your comfort zone will shrink by default. Here again this is where you need the courage to move away from the past because if you continue to do the things that you have always done then chances are that the status quo will continue to reinforce itself. The status quo is the biggest enemy to your personal progress.

Your future is not equal to your past. Simply because you may have failed previously doesn’t mean that you are going to fail again when you try in the future. The mistake that we make is that we are too often very quick to project and generalize past achievements or a lack of them to our future. So pause to think and question yourself before you generalize anything that may inform your opinion about your own abilities and potentials.

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