Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Lebotse-Sebego looks back with pride

Botswana Netball Association (BONA) former president, Tebogo Lebotse-Sebego has described her 10 year tenure at the helm of the association as a roller coaster of emotions.

The results-oriented Lebotse-Sebego said “some emotions were painful but others were really amazing. Most importantly, I have learnt a lot and it has been an opportunity to grow. The experience was good.”

Asked what she cherished most as leader of the netball association in the country, she said “I believe I have achieved most of what I set out to accomplish which culminated with the Netball World Youth Cup 2017 (NWYC2017).”

The immediate past President also boasted about bring sponsors on board.  BONA hosted NWYC 2017 that was described by many and international bodies as successful. The event also left a long lasting legacy not only for Lebotse-Sebego but also for the country.

The NWYC dubbed Re A Ba Tsaa in local netball circles also showed for the first time that Botswana has talent that has been not yet been exploited to its full potential.

But her tenure in office also had challenges but she said she soldiered on to sail through turbulences. For instance, bidding to host the NWYC 2017 was not a walk in the park because one had to convince the government as to what the benefits of hosting such a tournament were to the country.

She said politics in sport did not deter her from volunteering for the sport she loved. Lebotse-Sebego has positioned netball in the country to be one of the top sports code to reckon with.  Having done what she believes she was mandated to do, Lebotse-Sebego did not seek re-election during BONA elective congress held recently. 

One of the things that Lebotse-Sebego would have loved to achieve during her tenure for the netball in the country is the indoor netball facility.

“I would have loved to leave BONA having convinced government or a strategic partner to build an indoor facility,” Lebotse-Sebego said.

She however, explained that BONA has developed a concept that she is optimistic those occupying office would be able to convince strategic partners in making sure that  the dream becomes a reality.

The indoor facility it is important because it would enable players to play indoor and use the facilities during international games.  During the NWYC, BONA used the UB Sport Arena and Ditshupo Hall for the games.

Further asked if she has any regrets, Lebotse-Sebego was quick to say, “Absolutely no regrets. It was an honour to serve netball. I absolutely love the game.”

The former BONA boss is convinced that she is leaving BONA in the hands of capable people who will steer the ship further.

“We have built a lot of capacity in the technical management of the game. I really hope that we do not lose the people and skills we have cultivated since 2014. As it is, Botswana has the highest number of International netball Federation trained technical officials in Africa,” she said. 

Lebotse-Sebego is not lost to Netball; she will be serving netball as the Africa Netball president and will represent Africa in the International Netball Federation Board.


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