Friday, August 12, 2022

Leero ditches Ramco Records, signs with Lekoko Entertainment

The former lead vocalist of Matsieng Traditional Troupe, Ditiro Leero, is busy publicizing his debut solo album, Molemo wa Kgang, under Lekoko Entertainment. He will absolutely not be persuaded to respond to his former management’s statement on his departure from Eric Ramco Records.

Reports stated that Eric Ramco had deduced Ditiro’s departure as revolt on Ditiro’s part for having to share singing lead on the album, particularly with Kgwasimo who leads in Matsieng’s hit song Tinto. It was stated that Ditiro was perhaps worried of also having to share groupies.

Ditiro told Sunday Standard, “I saw my name dragged in the mud and would rather not dwell on Ramco Records’ statements but on my new album. The album will speak for itself,” he said.

“All I will say is, I am going to perform to the best of my abilities for the fans, and if they request me to perform songs Matsieng, I will, because I have not been paid for those compositions. Including some that I did for the Earthworks compilation,” Ditiro said.

Ditiro has since been signed by Lekoko Entertainment, a recording label co-owned by Seabelo Modibe and South African rapper HHP with a niche on the Motswako movement. Motswako is a cultural movement of hip-hop rapped in Setswana.

Says Ditiro, “I am the traditional Setswana element that brings the Motswako movement full circle at Lekoko Entertainment.” Since Lekoko Entertainment is registered in Botswana and South Africa, there will be easier distribution links in South Africa, which has the second largest Tswana population, Ditiro said.

When discussing his work, the artist refers to himself in the third person, “It is wordplay, by the composer,” he says referring to Bantshodile. “The composer was referring to his home in Kanye,” he said of two tracks, Ga Maila and Makala. “Lepenyola speaks for itself,” covertly, Ditiro says, of a song that refers to the composer surviving a dictator’s iron hand.


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