Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Lefhoko moves motion on economic empowerment

MP for Shoshong, Duke Lefhoko, moved a motion on Friday requesting that the government establish a policy on citizen economic empowerment as a matter of urgency.

He requested the house to overwhelmingly support the motion as the ordinary citizens of Botswana were at the receiving end as compared to the non-citizens whom he said were enjoying the fruits of Botswana.

Lefhoko argued the practice was not fair as the legitimate owners of the land were side-lined.
He called for the government to retract and follow the version of the first president of Botswana who came out clear that the citizens must enjoy the fruits of their land.

He argued that the initial independence practice whereby citizens were given priority was no longer practiced and called on the government to stop frustrating Batswana.

?The thrust of the government must be citizen empowerment. Without such practice the political independence comes to nothing,? Lefhoko argued.
The legislator further complained that Batswana no longer owned the economy adding ?the government practice of empowering non-citizens must come to a dead stop?.

He explained that the practice of empowering citizens was overdue saying it is, however, better late than never.


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