Monday, July 15, 2024

Legal insurance company launched in Botswana

LegalWise Botswana, a legal expenses insurer that offers power to enforce and defend rights through professional legal representation to its members, has been launched.

The Botswana branch is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Legal Expenses Insurance Southern Africa Limited (LegalWise South Africa). The subsidiary comes as a response to a growing demand and need for legal expenses insurance in the country.

Jan Luwes, the Chief Executive Officer of Legal Expenses Insurance Southern Africa Limited, said LegalWise Botswana provides legal advice and covers legal fees, regardless of whether the member is the claimant or the defendant.

In addition, the legal insurer not only covers the primary member, but also their spouse or partner and all children under the age of 18 or 21 if they are studying fulltime at a school, college or university.

However, the cover doesn’t include any pre-existing matters also the policy does not cover any business or commercial activities.

The policy doesn’t cover an offence for which an Admission of Guilt fine is payable like traffic offences.

For P79 per month, LegalWise Members have access to legal assistance for civil, criminal and labour related matters, including family matters such as divorce and child maintenance, consultations with Legal Counselors and up to P79 000 cover for attorney fees per matter.

Fazel Ameen, the Divisional Head of LegalWise Botswana, explained that more and more people in Botswana are finding themselves battling inheritance, family, land and other disputes without proper legal guidance as they are unable to afford good legal representation.

“We are building a strong team in Botswana and look forward to watching the company grow,” Luwes. It is Luwes expectation to roll LegalWise throughout the country in the next two years depending on the response of Batswana.


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