Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Legislators want Botswana to emulate Zimbabwe on constitution

Members of Parliament who were part of the Southern Africa Development Community Parliamentary Forum (SADC PF) say Botswana can emulate Zimbabwe in their latest decision to undertake a Constitution Referendum.

The two MPs who went to Zimbabwe have called on Botswana to follow Zimbabwe that gave its citizens an opportunity to contribute towards the drafting of their constitution.

Okavango MP, Bagalatia Arone, stated at a press conference that Zimbabwe’s decision to have such referendum offered Zimbabweans an opportunity to contribute to the drafting of their constitution.

He said that as soon as the constitutional referendum is adopted, it will give a true reflection of a Zimbabwean constitution since the citizens contributed toward its drafting.

Arone added that Botswana should also follow Zimbabwe since the country’s constitution was drafted by the British with no or little input from Batswana. He said that Batswana should also be given an opportunity to see to it that the constitution reflects their aspiration by contributing towards their constitution.

There has been calls lately for constitutional reform in Botswana.

He said that the referendum, which was held peacefully, was clearing the way for elections in Zimbabwe.

Arone was confident that the constitutional referendum in Zimbabwe gave a reflection of how peacefully elections will be held in June.

He added that the Zimbabwe Constitution Referendum was historic as it marked the first Referendum ever to be observed by SADC PF since its formation.

Arone maintained that SADC PF Election Observation Mission was of the view that the 2013 Zimbabwe Constitution Referendum was, on the whole, a credible reflection of the will of the people of Zimbabwe.

Another legislator, Mmoloki Raletobana, also indicated that Zimbabwe draft constitution is “the most progressive living document in Southern Africa”.

“We as Botswana can copy from them and move forward. This is the mirror of the people and it will show who they are,” added Raletobana.


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