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Lessons from death Row

The month of March 2012 has been the busiest month of my life where I had to deliver an important message about the false foundation in the Botswana constitution. This message was delivered at: (a) kgotla meetings of all the 21 villages of the Kgatleng district, (b) university of Botswana (c) the High Court (d) Court of appeal and (e) radio.

The message has been delivered loud and clear despite the outcome of the litigation. It is up to the society of Botswana now to build new foundations based on truth for the sake of unity against imminent challenges to our society. We cannot overcome these challenges operating from false foundations.

The Court of appeal case contained a dual message: One to do with the constitution and the other to do with the practice of death. I sought to stop the hanging of Gotlhalosamang Gabaakelwe by illustrating the satanic nature of the death penalty and how such practice affects the spiritual and physical wellbeing of our society.

The application was unfortunately swiftly dismissed without the Court exploring the significance of what I sought to communicate. Gabaakelwe was hung days after dismissal of the application . Some of our children alarmingly danced to the death of a fellow human as they did years ago upon the death of Mrs Marietta Bosch.

Botswana is probably one of the very few countries in the world of democratic countries who still practice death by: (a) killing fellow humans, (b) killing in the most cruel fashion of hanging. In the application of Gotlhalosamang Gabaakelwe , the teachings of Jesus Christ in John chapter 8 verse 7 were brought to bear where he said : “ if any one of you is without sin , let him be the first to throw a stone at her “ and none did!

The relevance of these teachings was motivated by the truth advocated upon the Court that: (a) it is a Court of Justice founded on the holy bible that rests in all the Courts of Botswana, and (b) those who sign death warrants for the execution of prisoners, those who pass judgement of death and those who strongly demand the death penalty are themselves burdened with sin visible to the whole nation and therefore remain unqualified to judge a human life.

I have spent a large part of my legal career advocating against the death penalty. As such I have gained unique experience of what goes on with the practice of death at a spiritual level and how it affects the wellbeing of all of us without many noticing. The majority of our brothers in Christ speak of God, but strangely never speak of Satan and his ways when he exists as the ever present force throughout human life and teachings of scripture.

It appears that our brothers from upper Africa may be the only ones in their local churches who specifically address their energies against the great spiritual dragon spoken of in Revelations 12: 9 : “ the great dragon was hurled down ÔÇô that ancient serpent called devil , or Satan , who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him “. They curse Satan, exorcize his demons and teach his ways for martial defence.

This Satan is sometimes called Hades- lord of the underworld. My twelve- year legal encounter with the death penalty has left me in no doubt that the practice of death through the death penalty is the greatest of all energy providers to Hades. Fear is his food and life force.

The amount of fear generated by a death row inmate, from the moment of his sentencing to the execution is second to none. No human being ever knows the date, time and manner of his death except upon sentence of death. The fear is phenomenally aggravated where the death comes via the most cruel method of hanging a human by the neck until he dies from excruciating suffering.

Such fear is constantly generated out of the heart of the prisoner each day and moment of anticipation with associated anxiety. I have seen it with my own eyes in three separate experiences I had with death row inmates. This was in the cases of (a) Gwara Brown Motswetla and Tlhabologang Mauuwe -1999; (b) Marietta Botch -2003, and (c) Mothusi Phiri -2006. The prisoners Gwara, Tlhabologang and Marietta Bosch were all innocent of murder. I have no doubt.

Before discussing the specific case experiences, I must highlight this crucially important phenomena which the reader must understand. The fear energy that feeds Satan at death row strengthens his demonic hold over the entire society of Botswana, manifesting itself into widespread fear of almost everything: from fearing the government to fearing our own children and fearing our identity. It draws in more murder between our members, some of such killings being of a truly macabre nature.

Fundamentally, this fear serves as a vehicle for the aggravated invitation of the brothers of fear, being the remaining 6 of the seven deadly sins: envy, hate, jealousy, greed, selfishness, laziness. These demons are simultaneously empowered at national level, constantly ravaging and blinding the individual and family souls.

If we are to accept the scientific theory that we are all part of one consciousness energy, then we start to understand that cruelty to the one is hurting all and the self. What we do to our neighbour reflects upon ourselves at an individual and community level.

Thus, we are empowering the dragon with colossal fear each time we practice death at Gaborone central prison. We arm him with the power to unleash his brother demons upon our society. The death penalty is therefore a truly satanic ritual at this level of understanding and within the dictionary meaning of Satanism as defined by Websters Dictionary. The need to stop this barbaric ritual cannot be over-emphasised.

Those in power behind the Botswana Government persist in this form of cruelty of hanging people in this day and era, against all sociological and scientific evidence that refutes, with mathematical precision, all arguments that attempt to justify the death penalty. It is this unreasonable persistence with cruelty, and morbid desire to kill, which establishes the death penalty in Botswana as a satanic practice.

The actual procedures of a hanging, from reading out the death warrant to the prisoner to his relocation to the death house, recording the prisoners weight, testing of the gallows machinery, prayers, night vigil and final killing carries the hallmarks of a ritual killing.

We humans have infinitesimally small knowledge or understanding of the phenomena of death and the forces that make people commit murder. We have no clue what happens to the souls of the dispatched prisoners.

We are simply not qualified to judge and take the life of a fellow human. God has taught us this lesson when Gwara Brown Motswetla and Tlhabologang Maauwe were rescued from the gallows six hour before their scheduled hanging in 1999. The media still carried pictures of their gaping graves. We must seriously and consciously take lessons from the wisdom of Jesus Christ and nature. Nature speaks to us through signs.
Those who carry out the hangings at prison have no clue how their souls, and the souls of the loved ones they interact with daily, are gradually eaten up by the same eroding force that sucks the energy off the dying prisoner. A Discovery TV documentary titled “ the executioners “ sheds some light on this wisdom. I had a moment to interact with the hangmen at prison during my seven – day incarceration in 2010. I can only feel so sorry for the poor civil servants.

We are sacrificing our children to the feast of Hades at Gaborone prison whilst other nations have woken up to this reality and have stopped the sacrifices. Gotlhalosamang and Thamo remain our child, despite what they may have done. We cannot defeat Satan whilst feeding him. This is pure common sense. I appeal to my fellow countrymen to wake up to this truth. Our future depends upon your awakening. Ask yourself why our revered colonial masters and their family of countries in Europe have stopped sacrificing their children at the scaffold! Tsogang banna … emang basadi !

Kgafela II is Kgosi Kgolo of Bakgatla


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