Friday, June 21, 2024

Let us not buy our parents rice this X-mas

Not really, but what I’m trying to communicate here is that as we head home to spend the festive holidays with our old folks at the villages, let us use the opportunity to tell them the true state our nation. Let us tell our parents that, at the rate things are going in our country, we will no longer be able to send them money or spoil them to nice meals during Christmas. Our parents need to know everything that President Ian Khama kept away from them in his State of the Nation Address.

Let our parents know that there are actually alternative voices that Khama doesn’t want our parents to hear on national television.  It is important that we tell our parents about the gloomy future our country faces.  Our old timers in the villages need to know it is becoming very difficult to take care of them because the salaries we earn can’t even take care of us. Our parents think we are doing well, having left our home villages to come to the city and we therefore need to save them from such delusion. As we sit under the tree for Christmas lunch with our parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, let us tell them our jobs are on the line. At this rate, you will be playing foolhardy to think your job security is guaranteed. Government is busy selling public enterprises and in the process shedding jobs that have always allowed us to take care of our parents. Government is busy closing down mines that had employed thousands of people who were able to take care of their parents.

In his address to the nation, President Khama deliberately left out information that would have showed our parents back home how our country has regressed in many respects and aspects. He deliberately omitted to inform our parents how his regime has squandered all the economic gains that we had amassed as a country. It’s about time our parents got the true picture of our country. Our parents are still stuck in the Botswana of Sir Seretse Khama and it is our responsibility to tell them how Seretse’s son has flushed his father’s legacy down the drain. They need to know how he holds his father’s values in contempt. Our parents must know Ian does not believe in his father’s aspirations for this nation. Go and tell your parents that while they ululate at the free blankets Ian Khama doles out to them, courtesy of Chinese businessmen, he on the other hand is busy purchasing astronomically expensive flying machines for his flying pleasure.

Tell your parents that very soon free education will be history in Botswana. Tell your parents that the days of free healthcare in Botswana are coming to an end. Our parents need to be told that Khama has abdicated his primary role of being the face and voice of the country to the world.  They need to know that while he spends most of his time sitting them around the fire, the world we live in today requires him to spend that much time sharing ideas with his counterparts.

Christmas time allows us the opportunity to tell our parents that this country is blessed with intelligent people who possess great ideas but they will never know of these people because Khama’s regime has ensured they are never showed on national television. We must go out there and tell our parents that this government is not doing us any favour by sending us to schools, building roads and health facilities. What the government is doing is exactly what any government ought to do. Our parents must be told that the money used on us by the government is actually our money. Preach to your parents that it is not by God’s design that they should live in poverty. Let them know other countries are progressing well because they do not allow the same people from the same political party to lead the country forever without trying out other aspiring leaders. This is the time to enlighten our parents so they know removing the BDP from power doesn’t mean they will take the public purse with them. Government money is public money and not BDP money. This, our parents must be schooled on.

 It is irresponsibility of the highest order to think only opposition leaders need to tell our parents about the rot going on in our country while we remain silent. We should not leave political education to Boko, Ndaba, Saleshando and Molapisi. We should not leave political commentary to columnists. When I write that Khama is bad for our country and you don’t buttress my points to your parents, they will be right to view me as just a wayward child hell-bent on telling lies about Khama. They need to hear it from their children, unless of cause you are one of those retards who still feel Botswana is paradise. Tell your parents that opposition leaders are not jealous of Khama but rather, they are jealous of seeing this country removed from its people and handed over to foreigners by Khama. We should let our parents know it is not blasphemous to call on Khama to account for the mess he has created in our country. We need to tell our parents the importance of loving one’s country before their leaders. We must show them that, just like Seretse did, leaders come and go but the country remains. It is for this reason that we need to preserve our country for future generations that will come long after the current leaders are gone. Let me end by thanking my readers for their continued support and loyalty. It is my hope and prayer that we all come back next year a little wiser and determined to save our country from the vultures. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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