Saturday, March 25, 2023

Letshego treats children to a day out at the circus

As part of a continued effort towards giving back to the community it has called home for 14 years, Letshego this weekend partners with the Cheshire Foundation to sponsor children from SOS Children’s Village, Baylor Clinic and some employees’ children to attend the on-going Brian ÔÇô Boswell Circus.

Letshego was expected to treat this group of over 400 children to an exciting day of treats such as ice cream and popcorn as well as lunch yesterday, Saturday, (29th September 2012).

The day of excitement will include a matinee show and dedicated refreshment points for the children. About 422 children will partake in the day’s festivities. These include 199 from SOS Village in Tlokweng, 90 from the Baylor Clinic, and employees’ children totalling 123.

Jan Claassen, Group Managing Director, Letshego Holdings Limited, said, “We are thrilled to be able to get involved in such an interactive way with the kids. Every child should be able to experience some excitement in their young lives, especially given the build-up we already all have around the Independence Weekend. Sometimes, that involves merely taking the time out of an otherwise busy work schedule to spoil the children a little and enjoy the tradition of the circus’ visit. It is a time of celebration and we’re excited to share that joy with kids who are essentially the future of our country and our continent.”

“The smiles they will bring to the faces of these children are priceless. It is always so wonderful to see institutions like Letshego take the time to actually get involved and interact with the kids,” said SOS Tlokweng Village Director, Bikie Morebodi.

Letshego’s involvement with the children comes as part of a longstanding commitment by the company to give back to the communities in which it operates. Letshego contributes significant amounts to charities, setting aside 1 percent of its profit after tax on an annual basis. These include supporting various welfare projects focused on education, poverty alleviation, health, housing, culture and social welfare. This financial year alone Letshego set aside a budget of over P5 million.

“Letshego is very proud of its truly Botswana and indeed truly African heritage. It has been a very exciting 14 years for us in this market, 10 of which have seen us listed on the BSE. We only hope that we can continue to make a positive impact in the lives of those around us. At the same time, we’re excited to have our staff send their kids along, a testament to the family-oriented company culture that we strive to maintain. It’s been 21 years of the circus coming to town and we are demonstrating the same dedication to Botswana in growing and developing the nation’s future,” concluded Lydia Andries, Head of Group Corporate Strategy and Communications, Letshego.


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