Thursday, October 5, 2023

Letter to Margaret Nasha

Hon Margaret Nasha
Speaker of the National Assembly
Botswana Parliament

Madam Speaker

RE: Request for Urgent Summoning of the National Assembly

As leaders of the three opposition parties in Parliament, we hereby request an urgent summoning of the National Assembly. Should the prerogative to convene such be outside the powers vested in your office, we duly request you convene an urgent meeting of the General Assembly as prescribed by Standing Orders 117B.

We are of the view that the ongoing strike by public sector unions has adversely affected our constituents. For instance, all public and private schools have been closed indefinitely and delivery of public services has been paralyzed .The stance adopted by the executive arm of government towards the strike is not yielding any positive outcome ,and it appears there is no resolution of the dispute in sight.

We consider Parliament a critical stakeholder in the maintenance of peace and order in the country. Parliament cannot remain silent and indifferent, as may be legitimately perceived by some, when the public suffers great pain on account of a dysfunctional public service. As public representatives, we need to be accorded a platform to participate in restoring normalcy to the nation, as well as averting further turmoil. Further note that in light of prevailing circumstances, we cannot await the July sitting of Parliament, hence our request.
We look forward to your usual cooperation.

Botsalo Ntuane (Leader of Opposition ÔÇôBMD)
Dumelang Saleshando (BCP)
Abram Kesupile (BNF)
Cc: Daniel Kwelagobe


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