Monday, December 5, 2022

Liberated speech is my right to bark

The ways of man has taught me to approach everything that flies to my ears with clearÔÇôcut skepticism.

If we do not think beyond the tradition of our tacit acquiescence and subservient acceptance we will forever be enslaved in the caves of ignorance.

Unlike you, I am done breathing within the tradition of silence that we are taught to accept; all we hear from the government periodicals is the incessant manifestation of this country‘s benevolence and liberty but what about the other side the coin.

Thinking freely, I would patently show that the government is a cesspool of belligerence and power corruption, the sole major thug that still walks the streets.

Reality is what they want you to believe, polluting the innocent minds of the people with a mouthful of deceit and making them believe they are dining from the government‘s palm. The same affluent government that marshal desperate programmes with a view to exile you from abject poverty and in consequence putting you in insulting minimum wage while wholly harvesting all the revenue. Look, to talk about our conniving government may be immoral in the considered view of another person, but to be silent about its sneaky sightings is equally immoral. My Sociology lecture once told me that free speech is the right to shout.

We live in a chaotic world where prices are being inflated in pursuit of hefty profits while shoplifters are sent to jail, falsehearted entrepreneurs get approval while forgers ends up in jail, free thinkers are ethically construed to be highly ill-mannered while bootlickers are reserved rewards, people walk down the aisle for motives emboldened by greed and still unashamedly protest high divorce rates, rulers engulf many women due to unpardonable cultural rationale and blame their troupes for accelerating the rate of HIV/AIDS, armed forces travel thousands of miles to execute whoever is deemed to be in contempt of civil liberties with such execution flying against the grain of justice or parameters of reasonableness and forethought because in this wild world conviction is conferred on the power of a bullet.

I welcome you to my world where man make guns and look for a scapegoat when innocent by standers get shot and when genocide is committed or when death toll rises, where corporate social responsibility is just an excuse for unscrupulous employers to tidy their conscience and to mitigate their blameworthiness, where white people endorse black consciousness, evidently criticise racial discrimination and utter a stream of racist connotations, insulting epithets and profanities behind doors, the patrol units contract prostitutes’ services and later charge them with loitering, employers vouch for women empowerment, fund women support groups and later reward only those who respond to their sexual advances, whilst other deserving employees who do not submit themselves to any sexual advances are denied promotions, merit rating or salary increases. Pastors, or should I say ministers, molest young innocent children of great vision and then accuse its congregation of wickedness, law enforcement officers receive major inducements in the form of bribes and then complain of violence in the streets, bourgeoisies and their unusual business proclivities resuscitates poverty and blame communities for lack of self reliance.

Everything we have been taught to believe in this world is a sham. Egotistical leaders with their high and mighty regiments run amok, or should I say, go wild, commit crimes and when they get burned they tersely want to trace the origins of the constitution while they used to value it as a substratum of fundamental rights and see it in shape back then. Is it because the constitution was conducive to making money back then; now it has just become extraneous and irrelevant when used against some people. Alcohol, though vigorously ostracized, is overpriced to sufficiently sponsor the government pet projects; the government affords its deserving employees deficient wages increment and accuses them of lack of patriotism, but patriotism does not pay the bills.
Trade Unions and Opposition parties are being blamed for the military outlook while the Government continues to hire more soldiers in all the top posts.

We have become the first country to condemn corruption in other states while we are manifestly breeding institutional corruption at the expense of the tax payer. Innocent members of the public are gunned down by unnoticeably armed security agents and then indicted by our leaders as menaces. Shady politicians conspire to take shortcuts in mounting up assets and worldly goods while the victims are convicted in the courts.

The sooner we understand the nature of escalating capitalism, corruption, exploitation and how they pressure evolution, aggravate moral repugnance, class antagonism and how they impact on social solidarity while they progress to maintain the domination and authority of the few, the earlier we depart the sphere of ignorance.

When we start seeing these politicians and Ministers as servants not in converse, then we begin to think bluntly. When we start to comprehend that these politicians are supposed to be in our employ and that it is you and me as taxpayers who disburse their overgenerous allowances, who finance their children’s upmarket tuition, who sponsor their world expeditions, then we begin to think decisively.

Every five years we go to the polling station to give politicians employment so they can render their services under a five year fixed term contract, it is within an ambit of their contractual obligations to expend our money and resources at their disposal uniformly and wisely as opposed to claiming ownership and control to extend their out of the blue colossal treasures which are on the rise every minute.

On the basis of the foregoing, adversities of life will enlighten you that there really is no fairness in the world; when sh**t hits the fan there is no secure place to go to, oblivious to the fact that banks will forever exacerbate your financial troubles, insurance brokers will present a web of lies masquerading to save you from all the perils of the world, politicians will sell you conspiracies and lawyers know too much to change the world, but lawyer client confidentiality puts them on mute.

Let’s face it, lawyers are bandits representing other desperados just to line their deep pockets; anyway I have an aversion to lawyers, Bankers and insurance brokers. They would probably tell me not to hate the player but to hate the game; little do they know I only hate whoever arranged the game. What is this world coming to?


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