Thursday, June 20, 2024

Liberty Life MD brings opportunities and business to the company

Liberty Life Botswana Managing Director, Lulu Rasebotsa, says her priority and immediate task is to grow the business by managing stakeholder relationships and making sure the company retains the best talent. Rasebotsa said there is need to ensure that customer needs remain the highest priority for the Liberty Life.

“We must anticipate their needs quickly, provide exceptional service and ensure our products add value to the customers,” she said.

Rasebotsa stated that she got the knowledge from her wide-ranging experience in the industry, from working for other Life Underwriters, to Broking, and finally Pension Fund Administration, which was her last role in South Africa before joining Liberty Life Botswana.

Rasebotsa said through her many years in the industry, she has developed a deep appreciation of different cultures and philosophies of different underwriters.

“Liberty has done exceptionally well to the extent that we more than exceeded the budgeted earnings. We have retained in excess of 99 percent of our clients; and equally important we have retained 100 percent of our employees,” Rasebotsa explained.

The MD also revealed that in the current year Liberty Life Botswana is powering two initiatives. One is the “Save a Child campaign” which is geared towards sensitizing the public on safety of the children who people lose due to non adherence of safety precautions in motor vehicles.

“This resonates with our business as it is in our best interest to protect lives. The other is the KTM local composers’ concert; this for us is to promote the arts in Botswana,” she said.

Rasebotsa is optimistic that her organization will improve its performance interacting with respect and integrity, by being honest, trustworthy and transparent as well as by taking responsibility of their attitudes, actions and development.

She further said Liberty Life Botswana has always been providing excellent customer service, from end to end, all the time. She said it is important by maintaining open channels of communications that encourage freedom of speech.

Acknowledging that the top job comes with pressure, Rasebotsa told Sunday Standard that the type of pressure was normal, and it was about how she was going to take the business to a whole new level. She added that in life, new challenges bring pressure at different levels.

“My stay in different geographies and interaction with people from different cultures and organizations has helped me adapt. I still wake up every day, figuring out how best to do things compared to the previous day, and I can confidently say all is well,” said Rasebotsa.

She maintained that her priority remains her team and ensuring that the organization has the right processes.

As a group of companies, Liberty offers an extensive, market-leading range of products and services to help customers build and protect long-term wealth. These include life and health-related insurance, investment management and retirement income facilitation.


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