Friday, June 2, 2023

Limkokwing University reaches agreement with union

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology and Trainers and Allied Workers Union have reached an agreement in their wage negotiations.

After years of tempestuous relationship between the two parties, the employees of Limkokwing will see their pay band of salaries and wages adjusted by 7 percent across the board.
The adjustment shall be effected in retrospect from 1st May 2013.

Thus employees shall receive arrears for the three months from May, June and July.

The parties also agreed for the establishment of a pension fund for which all permanent employees with at least two years fixed contract with the institution could become members.

“The task was much more difficult than probably anticipated, hence a decision and final agreement that we shall keep reviewing the pension until such a time that the contributions and performance reach the level that is satisfying to everyone,” said Limkokwing Human Resource Director, Mavis Kootsitse, at a press conference on Thursday.

While the Management used to pay their employees any salaries and remunerations they could think and dream of, Limkokwing staff was also subjected to working overtime during weekends without proper settlement agreement on the table.

Worse still, academics with Masters Degrees found themselves at the receiving end, earning far less than the Diploma holders because of uncoordinated and haphazard arrangement.

But thanks to the common ground the two have found, now such grievances and complaints can easily be handled.

“The arrangement now provides for the most basic amenities such as accommodation, travelling fees and, this time around, the bread basket looks set to appease the 350 employees of Limkokwing University campus,” Kootsitse said.

TAWU initially advocated for 18 percent increase but Limkokwing was able to settle for the 7 percent increase – a move even applauded by the Union.

The parties also settled for 10/3 percent pension contribution by employer/employee, respectively, and also agreed to review the scheme contribution after 12 months.

The parties also agreed that the Human Resources and Union Branch shall, through joint committee, resolve grievances regarding implementation issues that may arise.


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