Monday, March 20, 2023

Lizibo proves that dynamite does come in small packages

Being born in a musical family might have motivated the then young Lizibo Simon to follow into his father and cousin’s footsteps but little did he know that years later, the music career will be a career that has proved to be one of the best decisions he has made in his life ÔÇô a career that does not only give him income but also puts a smile on his face every day.

The Afro-pop crooner’s musical career has truly blossomed throughout the years with a wealth of lessons and success he says he has managed to grab along the way. “I have grown into a musical entrepreneur and planning to take my craft to the next level. Now with all the experiences I have, I have met people who have made a great impact on my life and helped me grow musically and spiritually” he said.

Although he does add that the musical business is not always an easy route to be as he does encounter his fair share of problems, he added that the most important way to deal with the problems is with a positive attitude.

“Problems are part of life and if I am going to be down every time I come across an obstacle then my music career will suffer. I have learnt to give all my trust to God as he is the one who got me into this journey and I am sure he will not let me suffer without Him making better solutions for all my problems,” he said.

Lizibo began his musical journey at a tender age of 16-years where he was part of the Kgalemang Tumediso Motsete (KTM) choir. “Being in one of the biggest choirs inspired me to perfect my craft so that I shine to be the star God created me to be. So it was from this choir that people started to know my existence and my amazing talent. Every time people always said good things about my voice and this encouraged me to consider going solo,” he added.

He continued that KMT choir groomed him to be the man he is today. He said the training he received from some of the best music legends in the choir helped him manage to have the confidence to make his own album.

Lizibo who is also a former member of renowned opera group, Royal Tuners said that his first album entitled ‘Better man’ did more than he anticipated and made him be relevant as it won him awards but most importantly the people’s respect.

“The reception I got from the album was more than what I expected. I won awards because of it and it flew off shelves faster than I thought.When I made the album I had the love theme in my mind and I know love always wins people’s hearts” he said.

He further said the album which is a mixture of love songs/stories, wedding songs and inspirational songs was in high demand. He mentioned that he is now under positive pressure for making an even better album which he mentioned will be out next year. He said considering the amount of work he put on making it, the album will be hailed as one of the best locally made album ever.

“I am working with really talented artists and producers on this album and I am sure it is going to be a favourite on every music lover. My music still remains the same as I continue praising love on my songs but this time around people should expect a variety of languages/cultural exchange in it,” he said.

Lizibo continued that he has realised that Botswana has a variety of different languages and it was only fair that he appreciates all the languages in his album. “I travelled the country and realised that I have fans all over the country and my fans speak different languages. I will make them proud as a way of thanking them for the support they have been giving me over the years, “he said.

The 28-year-old added he draws inspiration from artists and music producers like Tshepo Lesole, Flavor, Theo, Diamond, Banky W and SA’s Jaziel brothers as they all have such an amazing impact on him. “They display incredible craftsmanship from branding, musical ability to character and all this motivates me to be a better man,” he said.


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