Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Local Businesses Score Big During Jwaneng Mine GM Soccer Fiesta

The highly successful Debswana Jwaneng mine General Manager (GM)’s Soccer fiesta had a great impact on the business community of the township.

At least P5.5 million was injected into local businesses across all sectors in the township during the three days of the event. The event had attracted communities of Jwaneng and surrounding villages.

An event report shows that businesses within the township enjoyed massive economic spin-offs. The sectors include street vendors, hawkers, accommodation facilities, fast food retails, catering as well as fuel services.

“The total benefits of the local business community from vendor to big businesses was huge and the objectives of the fiesta were attained,” Jwaneng mine GM Koolatotse Koolatotse says.

It is indicated that the three-day fiesta contributed 75% on what businesses usually get on a normal weekend. An estimated number of 6 500 supporters graced the event. As a result, all the hotels and lodges in Jwaneng were fully booked for three days.

The event report indicates that the accommodation and hospitality sector earned P108, 600.00 from the event. Vendors’ total earnings stood at P31 500.00, refreshments sector both alcoholic and non-alcoholic stood at P2 934 150. 00, filling stations P208 500.00, catering P189 678.00 while restaurants and fast food earned P1 973 646.00

Koolatotse says the events ‘was a great success and it empowered both emerging businesses and as well as established business within the township. He encouraged the community to rally behind the GM’s Soccer Fiesta and own it so that the benefits in the coming editions can be doubled.

“If the community and other stakeholders own the fiesta, the impact will be doubled and benefits doubled,” an optimistic Koolatotse proclaims. The Jwaneng mine GM says the aspiration is ‘to make the annual event one of the biggest sporting events in Botswana.’

The soccer fiesta is also geared towards promoting sport tourism over economic gains of the Jwaneng community. Monies raised from the sponsorship stood at P2.2 million plus the P5.5 million raised from the hosting of the events cumulatively making a total value created by the tournament P7.7 million.

From the monies gathered, P400 000 has been set aside for the Jwaneng Galaxy ladies team. According to Koolatotse, “the money will be used to pay for allowances so that more young girls are attracted into sport, particularly football. The allowances will help girls to buy the basic needs of a woman.”

The GM observed that women football is still at development stage and hence the need for the ladies to be supported through giving allowances. The mine is sponsoring the players with training equipment, soccer boots, trainers and others.

“We are an inclusive community hence we are going to end the year with Paralympics. We will be playing with people with disabilities and embracing their talents,” says Koolatotse

Koolatotse is on an ambitious expedition of making Jwaneng township a sport hub because it has facilities to host different sporting events.


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