Friday, June 21, 2024

Local entrepreneurs introduce Smart Navigator

Two Botswana young entrepreneurs have launched a landmark navigation book, which will soon be coupled with a digital service, to assist the public to find their way through Gaborone easily.

The book, called the Smart Navigator, is designed to help clients to navigate the city of Gaborone and surrounding areas. It is a city guide designed to show the locations of businesses within the city through colour coded sectional maps with plot numbers, street names and GPS coordinates. The services will be offered through two platforms, digital and print.

The Smart Navigator has an A5 location directory and an sms directory. The booklet, which is actually a directory, will be produced annually and will be supplemented by regular updates through the sms directory. Changes and occasional adverts will also be offered for free to supplement their placement through the smart navigator’s interactive system.

The project is in two phases, with the booklet as the first phase and the sms supplement as the second phase.

The GEO information data collecting and marketing is handled by Smart Navigator while the hosting and design of the database is handled by Dottess Enterprise Systems and Solutions, also a local IT company.

“We aim to be a leading provider of locally organised navigation solutions. The aim is to provide reliable solutions to all consumers through simplified visual aids and affordable technology for the benefit of individuals and local businesses,” said Mothusi Moloi, Managing Director of Smart Navigator. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Geography from Valparaiso University, Indiana, United States.

Moloi said the Smart Navigator booklet is a handy A5 size publication that is designed to be a personal navigation copy. Among its contents, it has accommodation listings, taxi routes listings, colour coded area maps, and business listings.

The booklet is printed and distributed annually. The aim is to print 50 000 copies in the first year, give clients 10 000 copies for free, and sell the remaining 40 000 at P5 per copy.

“We are currently looking for contributors who will make this project a success. Through the smart navigator Gaborone, clients will be able to reach over 50┬á000 potential customers and business associates. The adverts are colour coded, which makes it easier for clients to narrow their search. The booklet is small and can be carried around like a personal diary,” said Moloi.

The sms directory will supplement the Smart Navigator booklet. Mobile phone users can use the sms directory to access extra information, which might not be available in the booklet. Those who don’t have the booklet can also access information through the sms directory. All 270 companies that are already listed in the Smart Navigator are also available in the sms retrieval system.


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