Sunday, April 2, 2023

Local music group to perform in England, Ireland

Well, if you’re asking if the Metrophones band is ready to bring its A-game to their first ever international appearance in England then the answer is ‘yes’. The 11-member band is ready to roar as the show date draws near.

In an effort to promote Botswana culture, this year will witness the first annual Miss Botswana UK and Ireland Beauty Pageant in England. The pageant will be held on September 29th and September 30th to celebrate Botswana’s independence and Botswana’s very own Metrophones are set to perform at this first annual event.

“Fans in the UK are in for a real treat with the fresh vibe and unique sound they bring – we do the songs that everybody loves but interpret them our own way,” said Esther Golakai, the manager for the Metrophones.

The band is especially good at improvising and putting a new twist on songs that people think they know.

“We look forward to wowing audiences in London with what we can do,” she said.

The band is amongst some of the most talented and recognized groups in Botswana. They first started as complete strangers with different musical backgrounds coming in together for a social project.

Long after the project had passed the band soldiered on serenading crowds with jazzy modern-day melodies around the capital city and its surrounding areas.

The group has been together for a year; it’s only now when they are coming to greater public recognition.

“I’m glad that the hard work and dedication is paying off; people want to book us and hear the band more than ever, so it’s really a blessing we don’t take for granted,” said Golakai.

They’ve been together since September 2011 and this month makes the group a year old.

Golakai acknowledged that the group has had its own struggles along the way but God has always turned things right for them and they are thankful for that.

Metrophones musicians are skilled in reggae, up-tempo contemporary, jazz, R’n B and fusion, and are known for great renditions of classics and cult favourites in a wide variety of styles. They are the entertainment choice for many major banks, organizations and corporate players in and around Gaborone

“Going to the UK just because we were seen performing somewhere locally means that we’ve gotten to a point where what we do is contagious and can cross any boundary,” she added.

The band does not have any other shows lined up. However, with their spectacular performances bigger things and bigger opportunities may open up.


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