Saturday, May 25, 2024

Local Professional Boxer Decries Lack of Funds

Botswana’s amateur boxers have decried lack of funds as the main hindrance for them to set impressive performance records at local, regional and international tournaments. Since it is increasingly becoming difficult to secure sponsorship, many local boxers are now considering crossing the border to South Africa where the sport is being taken much more seriously. Local Boxing promoter Bond Ngubula said in an interview that “the local boxing terrain is rough.”

Herbert Nkabiti is one such boxer. Out of a total of 10 amateur title fights, Nkabiti has in the past managed to win 8 of his boxing matches by technical knockout, one draw and one loss under his belt. “I have intentions to turn professional this year but it seems like the most I can do for now is to identify, train, guide and motivate up and coming pugilists especially from Francistown where I am currently based.”

The pugilist who hails from Kanye but is based in the northern capital city recently got married to his long time sweetheart. He married Nicole Tiny Simon from Gobojango village. The celebrated boxer’s wedding ceremony attracted hundreds of people including fans.

For the love of the sport he quit his job as a soldier in 2009 to turn professional and things have since not been as rosy as he has initially expected. “Of late I do not have a promoter let alone a manager which makes it hard for me to do anything when it comes to securing any kind of sponsorships.” He added that he has to do side jobs to keep afloat because one cannot wholly rely on Boxing. Now as a newly married man, I know have provide bread for my family.

In the past World Boxing Federation (WBF) official Howard Goldberg came insisted that Botswana Boxing Association needed a new constitution. He further mentioned that once it has been implemented it will see Botswana’s promising Boxers such as Nkabiti turn from amateur to professional. “This will open avenues for Botswana’S bid to host World Boxing Federation (WBF) title matches which will boost sports tourism in the country,” he concluded.


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