Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Local rapper gets international recognition

Local rapper Touch Motswak’ Tswak’ is one happy soul as the artist received recognition on one website from the United Kingdom. The artist who has been in the music business for more than 10 years now was listed along with other best African artists.

The motswako rapper was fortunate enough to get his album titled ‘Fresh 2 Tswak Volume 2′ reviewed by one of UK’s most visited websites. Speaking to Arts and lifestyle, Touch Motswako whose real name is Thabo Rantao mentioned that the album was included in the 2014 Southern Africa Hip hop round up section also. “I sell my music mostly online via iTunes and these big companies where able to recognise me from there, so when they listened to my music they were happy with what they heard and they gave me positive feedback and advice on what I am supposed to change and improve,” he said.

Touch Motswak explained that being listed among the best rappers in Southern Africa has also motivated him to up his game as the recognition shows that he is doing something right. “Ever since the beginning of this year I have been working nonstop trying to get my music to other parts of the world so as to show other countries that Botswana rappers are also good,” he said.

Recently Touch Motswak has been topping radio music charts. His latest single Le Wena, taken from the album, has been a constant feature on the playlist of commercial television station e-Botswana. Another hit from the album that seems to be the people’s favourite is Nako Le Nako.
The video for Le Wena is also one of the people’s favourites. Touch said that the album reflects his life. “It tells the story of my ups and downs, successes and struggles in everyday life. Le Wena has thus far received a lot of appreciation from my fans and they are already pressurising me to release another album,” he said.

He continued that his fan base has increased massively because of this album. “People have told me that they really love it, which makes me proud as it shows that I have grown as an artist. I have decided to drop this hit album sooner than planned because my fans have made a demand. I am so grateful for the response,” he said.

He added that the album is powered by an international non-alcoholic beverage organisation, Alcohol Killer. He is also the organisation’s brand ambassador.

“The mp3 version of the single is already up for download on my website, Facebook page (Touch Fresh 2 Tswak), and my Twitter (@Touchmotswak),” he said.

Rantao said that his music career started at the age of nine when he was first exposed to hip hop music. He got inspiration from watching various rappers on television. He said that he would rap along the lyrics of recognised performers such as Crowded Crew, Baphixhile, Twistyle, Mobb Deep, Nas, Jay Z and Busta Rhymes.


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