Sunday, August 14, 2022

Local soccer teams still prefer engaging foreign coaches

Local teams are once again showing that they do not have faith in local coaches.

For many years, Botswana has produced many coaches but they are continuously relegated to positions of assistants.
Since the beginning of the season, eleven of the 16 Premier League teams are manned by foreign coaches.

The situation is, however, not helped by the fact that there are no regulations in place to set standards of any foreign coach willing to work in the country.

In other countries, especially in Europe, more than ninety percent of the Premier League teams are under locals and the football is progressing very well.

The typical example is Spain and Serbia which are progressing well.

Foreign coaches might be good in some instances but they would always have their own interests rather than of the country at heart. Several local coaches have, however, shown that they have what it takes once given control of the team.

For instance, the late Banks Panene had glorious seasons at Township Rollers and Notwane. Since he left, both have not won any major tournament even though they are under foreign coaches.
Daniel Nare has been the head coach of Gunners for the third season now and, in the past two seasons, he finished in the top eight.

The same goes to Boteti Young Fighters who have a local coach in the name of Kenneth Mogae.

Despite all the challenges he has, Mogae has also managed to always keep his team in the top eight bracket. The team has been the most travelled, but Mogae has shown that regardless of that he has what it takes to be a top coach.

Oris ‘Boyo’ Radipotsane, who coaches BMC, has proven himself, especially at national team level. He was the head coach of the past Under 20 and the team bowed out in the last match before they could qualify for the Africa Championships.

Major David Bright, who is in South Africa, and Stanley Tshosane are some of the locals who have a proven track record.

The only other Premier League teams under the tutelage of locals are Motlakase Power Dynamos and Killer Giants.

Teams, especially the institutional ones, used to be firm believers in local coaches.

Now they have changed the tune and prefer foreign coaches.


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