Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Looking fabulous made easy…with Kopano Seduke

Looking fabulous is not a difficult thing at all; it only takes adding one or two glamorous pieces to your outfit, thus transforming the entire look. The important thing to know, therefore, is which fashion pieces are essential for a fabulous look and the latest trends of these pieces.

Accessorising with head gear is a good way to get a fashionable look, The latest trend in head gear is the head scarf; you can wear it tied to the front or to the side covering the whole head or as a band or strip also tied as a bun or bow tie.

A scarf is also very trendy when worn as a neck piece; it gives you the freedom to add bright colours and prints to your outfit, or basically a touch that your outfit does not already have with very little effort. The secret behind scarfs is that they allow you to be creative. You get to decide what colours you want, how long you want the scarf to be and what shape to tie it into thus expressing your inner creativity, this one and very simple item has the ability to transform your entire look from ordinary to fabulous.

Accessorising with statement neck pieces is also a current trend and using the right neck piece will add a good touch to your outfit. What I love about the current trends in neck pieces is that they are not anywhere near the word ordinary, but rather very artistic. They also cater for all kinds of outfits and occasions whether it’s casual, semi-formal or evening outfits.

This is because they are made from a wide variety of material and designs; giving them a wide range of looks, therefore, you can find one for any occasion and any outfit you want. Designers really go all out artistically when making these; they can get really bold and over the top and with just one such piece you can have your entire outfit fabulously transformed.

They are also very easy to get hold of as some of our local designers, such as Buhle Mguni, have ventured into the creation of these accessories and are doing a very good job at it, which is what makes these accessories even more enjoyable because their designers are at our disposal, therefore, you have the option to have them made with your own personal touches added to them.

Making a good choice of ear rings will also enable you to look good quite easily. Ear rings can be colourful, bold, wild and chunky and the choice is all yours as to which one you go for but whatever you go for will definitely add a lot more life to your outfit. These accessories are also not restrictive to outfits or occasions, you can find a pair for any outfit or occasion and you can find really creative ones among our local designers as well.

One other item that will not disappoint you is a good pair of sun glasses. They are a very important piece because they protect your eyes from the sun while making you look glamorous at the same time. I can’t help but just love them. Another good thing about sun glasses is that they are always trendy so if you buy a good pair now you can have it for as long as you take good care of them and just slowly add on to your collection with time.

What’s even more awesome is that you can get eye wear in the shape of sunglasses but not shaded and they can be comfortably worn at night without looking like you are trying too hard to look cool.
Shoes can never be left out in a discussion like this as they can make or break your outfit.

Before going all creative and shopping for colourful shoes, it is important to have a good pair of black high heels. High heels on their own will always transform a look from ordinary to fabulous but black ones go with every outfit and will always rescue you when you are desperate for a good look. All the above mentioned items can be found across all cost brackets, from the very expensive ones to very affordable ones but also very creative.

This is because of the increased number of clothing stores which make items in bulk, thus making the items cheaper.

So there is no excuse big enough not to add these amazing pieces to your wardrobe because price and availability is not a problem at all.


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