Sunday, June 23, 2024

Maboane to resign as BPL treasurer?

When he was brought in as Botswana Premier League (BPL) treasurer a few months ago, Extension Gunners’ chairman William Maboane was seen as the right man to put the organisation’s books in order, considering his professional background as an internal auditor.

BPL’s books are said to be in a mess, something which has seen former general manager, Phuthego Setete, being fired. But Maboane’s rein in office has not been without controversy.

Just last week, Maboane, along with BPL chairman, Spencer Mmui, were accused of loaning themselves huge sums of money, something which is said to be against BPL’s principles. Maboane is said to have borrowed a sum of P20, 000 sometime in October last year with a view of returning the amount in three months.

The issue is said to have not gone down well with some in the BPL and the matter will be on top of the agenda when the board meets at Lekidi Football Centre today. According to sources, some BPL board members are expected to pass a motion of no confidence against Maboane. Sources say that clubs’ chairmen believe that the treasurer has put the name of the organization into disrepute considering the bad publicity they have been receiving in recent times.

“Maboane is a man of principle but because some people want to do as they please and misuse BPL’s funds, they are uncomfortable around him. They lend him the money deliberately to set him up. The people who want to misuse BPL money are the ones who leaked the information to you the media to reflect Maboane in a bad light,” said one of BPL who employees who did not want to be named.

While BPL are expected to call for Maboane’s resignation, Gunners’ chairman has moved on swiftly and he is expected to hand his resignation letter at the meeting today. When contacted for comment late on Friday afternoon, Maboane was cagey about the details.

“I cannot tell you now whether or not I’ll tend my resignation. I’m a professional and I’ll have to discuss it with the board first before sharing it with the media. But if it happens, I’ll be doing it so that the matter of misuse of funds can be investigated without interference,” said Maboane.

Sources reveal that towards the end of last year, Maboane paid a sum of P5,000 and remained with a P15,000 balance which was due to be paid before end of February. “People want to make it appear as if Maboane is the one who authorized his loan. The loan agreement was discussed amongst some of the BPL board members. It was the CEO (Bennet Mamelodi) who eventually gave the green light,” said a source.

The BPL employee confirmed that Maboane has paid the P15,000 balance on Friday and he will leave his post in the executive without any debt. It is said that Maboane’s departure will allow some of the BPL members to continue with their misuse of funds. It is alleged that some senior BPL members are misusing their AVIS Car Rental account. “They go there to hire cars for their own errands like the game between Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs on December 8. That was not an official trip yet they rented an AVIS car,” said a source.


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