Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Mafia Soul: The art of perseverance

It is now called Botswana’s very own national brand, and the fastest growing fashion retailer.
Mafia Soul.

It is Botswana‘s best hip and urban retail brand, and they were celebrating the launch of their 5th outlet in Botswana’s premier mall, Game City.

From very humble beginnings, Mafia Soul now commands a floor space of 150 sqm, and boasts of the best hip hop and urban wear than many Batswana can dream of.

Mafia Soul started off in 2001, under the guidance of founder Molefi Nkwete. Back in the 90s Nkwete was selling USA imported clothes on the streets from a back pack. He later got himself a car and started peddling his wares from the boot of a car.

That was his defining moment for Mafia Soul.

Dumi Lopang, who was then Sales and Marketing Manager of Yarona FM, remembers a young man who was relentlessly asking for free airtime from radio. On Friday, he was paying accolades to a business man whom he witnessed building a retail empire.

It was then that the relationship was cemented. And today Yarona FM and Mafisa Souk are twin brothers. They enjoy a mutual and symbiotic existence.

Truth, Molf can pull rank. Probably because he is pushing a killer brand.
The launch of Mafia Soul was attended by fat cats. Hip Hop Supremo, Zeus, was there, so was Dum Luv The Fat Cat (my bro), Bissaui Gaobakwe, Kutlo Manhattan Marman, and Mpho Laing.

That should explain why Mafia Soul is the ish, and why they have embarked on a rapid expansion drive today with a branch in Jozi.

Mafia Soul is famed for supplying exclusive clothing brands, and its strategy emphasises top quality apparel and the latest products and trends in the international fashion industry.
The Game City store follows the successful launch of two outlets at the up market River Walk Shopping Mall; first a general fashion store in 2008, which was followed by a specialized shoe shop, Sneaker Avenue in 2010.

According to Kutlo Marman, Strategic Advisor to the fashion retailer, Mafia Soul Clothing’s entry into Game City is part of a long term strategy initiated through an accelerated growth strategy that identified a greater need for exclusive brands in the market, and therefore set out to satisfy that need. Mafia Soul Clothing’s close association with the entertainment industry, especially hip hop artists, has also enabled it to stay visible to music fans, who are known to have a strong appetite for fashion.

Trading in a market that is full of counterfeit products and where many traders have had to close shop because consumers lost confidence in their products, Nkwete attributes their rapid growth over the years to their focus on top quality products, which he says “separates Mafia Soul from the rest”.

Mafia Soul Clothing also embarks on awareness campaigns to educate the market on the products it sells, so as to enable consumers to differentiate between original and counterfeit products.
The success of Mafia Soul Clothing is an exceptional story in Botswana’s retail sector, especially on enterprises established by Batswana.


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