Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Maitisong to host dance

On the evening of Saturday September 20th, at Maitisong, we will see My African Dream (MAD) dance contestants, alongside members from the Mogwana Traditional Dance Troupe, take part in a dance extravaganza presented by choreographer Samantha Thomas.

The dance showcase, which is named ‘Lets Dance’, is intended to raise funds for Standard Chartered campaign to build the new National Paralympics Committee, a sporting facility for the disabled in Ramotswa.

“This is them giving back by using their skills,” said Rosalyn Beukes, Director of Maitisong, after the young My African Dream (MAD) dancers were invited to provide entertainment at Standard Chartered launch of the campaign. Banks added that they wanted to make a bigger contribution to the campaign.

In the process, Beukes says, it also educates the dancers in ways that help them to help themselves.
Thomas, who manages and choreographs ‘Let’s Dance’, says that the dancers were requested to create some dance pieces, of which she guides them to adapt into something new using contemporary dance nuances.
The Mogwana Dancers produced a traditional dance piece, while dancers from the Rita Ballet Company contributed a ballet piece.

Dancers from Thomas’ dance company, Axis Creative, presented a contemporary piece. “The MAD dancers that we have featured aren’t limited to the one who made it into the public voting stage, but those that we feel stood out.”

The shows also feature hip hop dancers and gymnasts! “It’s meant to be an evening of fun; we have thrown in mixed tastes,” says Thomas. The mixed bag show, for both children and adults, is meant to build up anticipation for ‘what’s next?’ People must simply come to have a good time

The ‘Let’s Dance’ evening is, in addition to raising funds for the building of the sporting facilities for the disabled, an opportunity to give exposure to the performers. The young people need as many opportunities as they can get to showcase their creativity.


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