Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Man fatally shoots father, commits suicide

A family gathering meant to discipline a 22-year-old man in Francistown’s Bluetown location turned into a tragedy as the man fatally shot his father and then turned the gun on himself. Officials at Tatitown Police Station told The Sunday Standard that a family feud erupted after the deceased’s father chased his daughter away from his house because she had decided to drop out of school. On hearing that his younger sister had been chased away from home, the 22-year-old brother, who was a labourer at Panda Plant, intervened and hurled insults at his father. The father, 70, then called a family gathering to ask them to discipline the son as he had insulted him.

During the disciplinary hearing, which was attended by elder family members, the son left the house and went outside where he removed a rifle from his father‘s van. He reentered the house through the back door and went on to shoot his unsuspecting father. He then went outside and put the gun in his mouth, killing himself instantly. Stray bullets are said to have cut off part of his stepmother’s finger and grazed his aunt on the cheek. Close family members revealed to The Sunday Standard that there was a long running feud in the family.

The mother of the deceased man and his sister passed away and the two siblings felt that their father, who had remarried, was ill-treating them in favour of their step siblings. Police investigations continue.


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