Friday, March 1, 2024

Man in court for attempted murder by shooting and arson

A middle aged man of Letlhakane, in the Boteti Sub-District, appeared before Justice Terrence Rranowane in Francistown on Thursday, facing charges of unlawfully shooting at two men and attempting to burn a family over a love proposal that went wrong.

Kebonyekgosi Yawano, also known as Mbusha, is alleged to have shot and tried to burn Ontsheketse Keneilwe and his family and shot Christopher with a pump action shot gun on the night of 28 January 2006 at Khwee Khudi II cattlepost near Mopipi in the Boteti Sub district.

The first victim, Ontsheketse, revealed before court that on the 25th of January he left the cattle-post for Mopipi to buy some groceries, leaving behind his wife and children at the cattle post. He decided to approach Yawano and implored him to watch over his family while he was away. He left with one of his cousins, Christopher, with whom they were staying. He indicated to Yawano that he would be back on the 26th or 27th of the same month.

Ontsheketse stated that they came back in the evening of the 27th of January, where upon he leant from his wife that Yawano had proposed love to her. He then informed his cousin Christopher about the incident. Christopher decided to ask Yawano about the allegation of which he admitted and the issue was resolved.

Yawano further acknowledged his wrongdoing and asked for forgiveness.

The court then heard that at around 9.00 in the evening, Christopher and Yawano headed for their compound to sleep and Ontsheketse remained with his wife and children in the compound.

“At around 1:00, whilst we were sleep and I was woken up by unbearable heat and I later realized that the house we were sleeping in was engulfed in fire,” said Ontsheketse.

He stated that he then dashed outside to get some water to put out the raging fire, but was shot as he emerged from the hut and only regained consciousness at the Nyangabwe Referral Hospital.
The attorney representing Yawano argued that the accused had acted in self defense as he had been attacked by Ontsheketse. He pointed out that it clearly showed that the accused was attacked because, Ontsheketse had not taken it lightly that his wife was proposed to and further called his cousin Christopher to resolve the matter.

The prosecution is yet to call seven witnesses, as the case continues.


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