Monday, January 17, 2022

Manager in court for alleged attempt to bribe police officer

The Manager of Zencool (PTY) LTD, a scrap metal company that is currently under police investigations for copper cable thefts allegations in Francistown, last week appeared before Francistown Chief Magistrate, Mokwadi Gabanaga, to answer to a single charge of trying to bribe a police detective who was investigating the company.

According to the charge sheet, Jeffressy Tawirei of Tati Siding village in the North East District, on the 30th of June 2010 at Galo Shopping Centre in Francistown attempted to influence Detective Core Ngwako, who was investigating the matter by offering him P3000 to drop the investigations.
The detective gave evidence in court that while conducting the investigations, Tawirei approached him and proposed to offer him P 3 000 in an effort to bribe him to halt the investigations. He continued to say that he then decided to alert the Directorate of Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) on the matter and they all devised a plan to arrest the accused.

“I then phoned the accused to meet him so that we could talk about the deal and he suggested I meet him at Galo Mall,” the court heard.

He then said that he went to meet the accused with a female DCEC officer to bear witness and introduced her to Tawirei as his girlfriend so that Tawirei did not feel intimidated.

He said that Tawirei then went to his vehicle and brought the money to him, telling him that if he is in need for more money he should always check on him.

“I took the P3 000 and I put it in my pocket and in a few minutes, Police officers and DCEC officers who were secretly watching came to the scene and demanded to know if I received any money from the accused and I agreed and I produced it,” he said.

The Detective revealed that they were all taken to the DCEC offices where the money was taken by the DCEC Senior Investigation officer for safe keeping.

Tawirei was then interrogated about his attempt, arrested and detained at Central Police Station for trying to corrupt a police officer on duty.

However, giving sworn evidence, the accused told court that he deliberately gave the money to the police detective in order to create a trap for the officer so that he could drag the officer before court for demanding a bribe. He went on to mention that, unfortunately for his part, the detective acted faster than he did, which landed him in trouble. He also added that his company is clean and all he wanted was to teach the police a lesson.

“I offered the money to the investigating officer because I wanted to trap him as I heard that police officers have a tendency of arresting and ill-treating innocent people,” he told court.
A sum of P3 000 was produced as evidence in court. The prosecution and the defense are yet to file their written submissions tomorrow (Monday) as the case continues.

Senior State Counsel, Antoneitte Kula, from the Directorate of Public Prosecutions, represented the prosecution while the accused was represented by Tshekiso Tshekiso of Francistown based law firm Ditiro and Jani Legal Practitioners.
Tawirei is currently on bail.


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