Thursday, April 18, 2024

Many students will not be able to study during lockdown because there’s no internet

Many Batswana look at what chaos coronavirus is doing health infrastructure abroad and they genuinely ask themselves just what chances they have here at home given what they know to be the fragilities of their local hospitals.Much stronger hospitals are collapsing under the overwhelming strength of coronavirus. In Italy, in Spain as well as in New York City health systems that are easily some of the best in the world seem easily overwhelmed.There is shortage of nurses, shortage of equipment like ventilators and even a shortage of beds.Coronavirus is causing chaos across the world.In short, the world will never be the same again.

For many countries like Botswana, the grim specter of Coronavirus has not really started.It is not yet winter. And the hospitals have not started receiving the large numbers associated with the virus.The country has just started what some call a lockdown. There is still confusion in government about what interventions to come up with.But so far it looks like with time, government will come up with something.The biggest fear is whether the money from government will reach the intended recipients. Or it will end up in the pockets of the wealthy who own the companies that are not willing to shoulder the burden even for a month.These are the businesses that have often been receiving support from government using public finances.

It is our hope that government will be watching to see who is who in this dark hour.There is no doubt that a tragedy is unfolding right before our eyes.The situation in the United States seems to be worsening by the day.Italy is overwhelmed. Spain is swamped. Concerning statistics indicate that a second wave might be hitting China. In Africa, the most economically sophisticated country, South Africa is fighting a steep battle. There is a lesson to be learnt in South Africa’s struggle with coronavirus: No country can win this war alone.All indications are that the bigger war is yet to come.It would be the economic fallout from the pandemic.The biggest problem That will come from this pandemic is for now not in anybody’s mind.It has got to do with education.In Botswana, as elsewhere schools are closed.

Not a single trade union has cared about checking what is happening to multitudes of children that have been sent homer.At all premier schools where parents pay are leaning through the internet, teachers are on a daily basis conducting e-learning.Modules are through the internet given to student to learn.By far the majority of students go to government schoolsThese are students who stay in home where there is internet. E-learning in a majority of homes in Botswana is not achievable.There has been under investment on the internet.This is a serious issue.Botswana has not invested enough on internet.Yet officials are talking about the Digital Revolution.We need to do a lot to cover a majority of our students.

A majority of students are yet to be covered.Trade Unions could still come to the party, rather than just blaming government.


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