Wednesday, January 26, 2022

MAP dominates Arts festival

Students from Maru A Pula School, together with performance arts groups, Literary Association of the Art Botswana and Art of the Soul, over the weekend put on a sterling performance at the Botswana Amateur Arts Festival held at Maitisong.

But it was students from Maru a Pula who dominated the show, and lived up to their earlier promises that they will bring something fresh and different this time around.

It was not surprising when, at the end of the show, Maru a Pula was awarded five of the nine awards that were being contested for. These included the awards for best set, best director, best design, best supporting actress, and best cameo role.

Lesiba Kgabe, one of the directors from Maru A Pula, said she was very happy that their hard work had finally paid off.

“We spent the last three weeks working very hard to prepare for this show, and it is heartening that we won these awards. Despite all the challenges, we are happy that we managed to accomplish so much,” she said.

Though Maru a Pula won five awards, they missed on the main acting awards, which went to the other two groups. Literary Association of the Arts Botswana received best actress award while Art of the Soul got best actor, best script  and best original play. 

However, it was not all about acting, as the day began with a workshop that stressed the importance of money management in running arts clubs. Representatives from Barclays Bank encouraged the attendants to be as thrift as possible, especially when budgeting for events. There was also a poetry workshop aimed at improving the attendants’ poetry skills.

Students got to learn about the fundamentals of poetry and were taught about the works of Botswana’s young and upcoming talents. The BAAF was definitely an eye-opening event that tapped into the vast talent in Botswana, most of which is yet to be exploited fully.

Kabelo Rapinya, coordinator of BAAF, thanked Botswana Society of the Arts, Maitisong and Barclays for making the event a success.

“The event went well, the performances were interesting. The festival established relations and overall it was a great success. Also there was a bigger turnout this year,” he said.


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