Friday, September 30, 2022

Marobela calls for BDP primary elections audit

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) politician, Whyte Marobela, this week called for the audit of his party’s disputed primary election saying there is need for the party to introspect as far as the primary elections are concerned.┬á

Speaking in an interview on Monday, Marobela said there was evidence that the BDP’s electoral process for primary elections, also called Bulela Ditswe, has proved that it is being undermined by a number of irregularities, hence the need for an independent audit.

Marobela, who recently challenged the result of the Francistown by-election before the court, justified the need for an audit of the BDP primary elections by citing the recent primary elections held north of Dibete saying democrats who lost were appealing the outcome of the elections.

“There are a number of issues that need to be addressed as far as Bulela Ditswe is concerned,” he said.

On suggestion that he is likely to be expelled from the BDP for bringing the party into disrepute, Marobela said his recent numerous cases before the court was in defence of the BDP.

“I’m equally unhappy to see the events that are unfolding as results of primary elections. I’m only a victim of circumstances. What I did (taking the party to court) was in the best interest of the party. I was saving the party. If I’m expelled it’s fine, but what I know is that the BDP is a party that has integrity and it won’t take that route. I don’t see that forthcoming,” he said. Marobela said there is need to treat the primary elections with the dignity that they deserve.

He called on the leadership of the BDP to take action against those who ‘are responsible for messing up the party rules’.

“I was only defending the party. If the party leadership intends to expel me as you suggest, which party rules or regulations would they say I have flouted?” asked Marobela.┬á

He added that those who intend to take the party to court to challenge what he called irregularities associated with primary elections as he had done “will be the true soldiers of the BDP.”

Marobela said the BDP should not have challenged the temporary court order issued by Lobatse High Court Justice Tshepho Motswagole interdicting the party from submitting its candidate’s name to the Independent Electoral Commission.

“It is not a good thing to have done at all. They pre-empted the outcome of the final order by Justice Motswagole when they brought a case before Justice Terrence Rannowane before a final order is issued by the other judge,” he said. Motswagole is expected to issue a final order interdicting the BDP from submitting Ignatius Moswane’s name to the IEC.

Asked to share his view on Rannowane’s judgment which declared that IEC was correct not to accept Ignatius Moswane’s nomination, Marobela said he expected the court to rule in favour of the IEC.

“The BDP and Moswane should have obeyed the interim order that was issued by Justice Motswagole. The BDP and Moswane must appreciate the rule of law. The order interdicting the party was clear,” he said.


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