Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Masisi attacks BDP MPs, opposition parties, dikgosi

Ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) President Mokgweetsi Masisi on Sunday did not have kind words for some unnamed BDP legislators and opposition party leaders. A

lso castigated were some unnamed dikgosi and BDP councillors who were accused of publicly criticizing the BDP leadership.  

Speaking at a rally in his home village of Moshupa, Masisi warned some BDPs and councillors against uttering negative comments against the party. 

He said decisions taken after caucus were binding on every MP or councilor adding that dissenters would be dealt with in the future. 

“The behaviour of some MPS and councillors amount to indiscipline. It is the first time in the history of the party that we witness a widespread of for such kind of unbecoming behaviour. We won’t tolerate undisciplined candidates who publicly malign the party,” said Masisi. He said some of the MPS and councillors were exhibiting unbecoming behaviour to impress opposition parties.
“They must know that I’m not impressed. You have no right to do that; shame on you,” he said. Masisi said of the wayward MPs and councillors were ungrateful because had it not been his restless efforts, they would not have won the elections.

“They must discipline themselves quickly or otherwise they will be disciplined. They must also not forget that the final signature to put them in Parliament is mine. We want quality candidates. So, stop impressing opposition parties,” he said. 

Turning his guns on opposition parties, Masisi described them as having nothing to offer to voters except the use of uncouth language. Masisi said apart from being weak, there was no opposition party in the country that was not at war with itself. 

“They are a confused lot. They are fighting amongst themselves even before they can attain power,” said Masisi to the applause of the audience. 

Masisi who revealed that he was kick starting his campaigns for the upcoming 2024 general elections also castigated one of the leaders of the opposition parties for saying members of the public should assault police officers. 

“Our party was built on the foundation of peace and the spirit of consultation is what describes us unlike the opposition. Do you remember that one of the leaders of the opposition parties incited members of the public to beat up police officers,” said Masisi. He also accused the leadership of the opposition parties of being dishonest.

 “They have the tendency to spew malicious propaganda and they have no respect for elders,” he said without elaborating. Masisi said criticism by the opposition parties that his party has failed deliver was misguided. “Majority of opposition leaders benefited from BDP policies such as free education which was offered without one being discriminated on the basis of his or her status in the society. Those are some of the inclusive values that the party has been known since its inception,” said Masisi. 

Masisi also castigated dikgosi saying there is no Kgosi in Botswana who has more powers than the President, the Vice President, the Minister and Assistant Minister. 

“There is need to distinguish Bogosi from politics. A Kgosi is not a politician. They should know that a President must be respected,” he said. He added that it was not chieftainship-like to utter cynical utterances. While he did not mention names, Masisi said some of the negative utterances by some dikgosi was embarrassing. 


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