Friday, March 24, 2023

Masisi vows to deport “deceptive” pastors

Vice President, Mokgweetsi Masisi has hit back at foreign pastors  from charismatic churches who are hell-bent  on deceiving  people.

Masisi is worried that a number  of people have been victims of pastors who  commit offences under false pretext  that they are pastors.

Masisi vowed that the government will continue to crack down on charismatic churches pastors  from mushrooming fire churches for their  unwarranted behaviour.

Masisi made the scathing comments against foreign pastors from mushrooming fire churches at  80th anniversary celebrations of the St Conrad’s Catholic Mission in Ramotswa at the weekend.  

Masisi was of the view that some pastors who  deceive Batswana  under the pretext that they are pastors should be deported.

“Some of the activities are meant to extort money from people under the pretext that they were going to get more blessing. If there are any pastors who are found to be involved in unwanted behaviour we will deport them,”added Masisi.

He said some of the churches are meant to deprive people of their hard earned money.Masisi stated that usually people are always asking them about the deportation of the foreign pastors.

“If any pastors are involved in some  unwarranted behaviors in churches under the pretext that they are pastors we will deport them,”stated Masisi. Masisi was boastful where he told multitudes that he is one of the people who usually declare some foreign pastors as prohibited immigrants.    

He further stated that the government is not going to stop deporting pastors who are involved in unwarranted behaviours.

Masisi further called on Catholic Church to play a role in the restoration of morality in the country. Masisi was of the view that there are incidents that show that Batswana are losing their moral values .

He singled out the aftermath of Matsha Senior Secondary School as one of the incidence showing signs that Batswana are losing their moral values.

He was concerned that pictures of the victims were publicized on social media despite that their parents were never informed about the accident that left seven students dead while other were injured.


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