Monday, April 22, 2024

Masquerade party slated for November 21

On November 21st, Batswana will get to experience what is known as the Masquerade Party at Molapo Piazza. The event is scheduled to begin at 6pm and is expected to run up until 2am during which a variety of local DJs will be on the decks to entertain the crowd. There will also be performances by Ryan Blaze and Ammo Ski Mask.

According to the Project Manager, Leonard Mittawa: “The venue will have a VIP lounge, a stage and overflow floor area for our guests, as it caters for the outdoor and indoor decoration which is out of this world.”

For a little background, a Masquerade is a Themed Party which offers a classy and unique experience to the party goers. It’s a social event that strictly allows formal interaction decorum as the event has a dress code. Masquerade events have been around since the 15th century. The event was used by Royal entries, for pageants, marriages, plays and rituals. It also allowed people of different classes to associate with each other with no shame.

Mittawa expressed tremendous excitement regarding the idea of being behind the ‘mask’. “You can be anyone you want to be, for instance, a business man or woman, apart from looking good. This will be achieved by hiding one’s identity behind the mask,” he said. Apart from other exciting activities during the event, the crowd will be playing a guessing game of who’s who.

Mittawa also said, “The objective is therefore to use the theme and classy set up as an attraction force to pull a crowd that will meet our aims and expectations, by wearing strictly smart casual and masks.”

The Themed party has the potential to become the event of the year. One of the sponsors ‘3G Mobile Botswana’, will provide a live Samsung photo booth; which will allow live picture moments to be shared in the moment to all of the online social media platforms (Instagram, twitter and Facebook). Mittiwa also said there will be a selfie competition, where one will stand a chance to win merchandise for the most liked single selfie for the night.

To keep the momentum and excitement going, there is another competition running until November 18th. “You simply post and share your best photo with your partner followed by the hash tag on the events online media platforms. The most liked photo wins a couple’s ticket,” said Mittawa. Another sponsor, ‘Cocktail Masters’, have created a signature cocktail for the event, named the ‘Devils Mask’, which will complement the theme and event.

Mittawa also said, “The response is good and people are really excited about the glamorous event. People should keep up with the concept of perfection of the mask.”  He also gave assurance that security at the event will be top notch.


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