Thursday, May 19, 2022

Masunga warns chiefs against tribalism

Chief Thabo Maruje Masunga III of the North East District last week warned chiefs to desist from tribalism, saying that it might be hazardous to their own power to rule and bring about unrest.

Speaking during the inauguration of chief Bakani Mampori of Marapong Village in the Tonota North Constituency, he said it has become a trend in other tribes that the leaders continue to disregard such important aspects as the Tribal Land Act by claiming that the land only belongs to their own tribes and discriminating against other tribes.

“I just want to advise the newly inaugurated Chief Mampori that he should by all means avoid tribalism as it might pose a threat to his leadership as a chief,” he said.

Masunga said that tribalism or discrimination can be a threat to chieftaincy as it may cause rebellion among those who are discriminated against and bring about havoc and conflicts. He went on to state that chieftainship plays a tremendous role in the influence of democracy in a country in which its absence might bring about instability.

He also said that it is very important for a chief to be disciplined in order to earn dignity from his or her subjects.

“A chief should promote the spirit of integration among his subjects and should be disciplined in order to gain dignity,” he said.

He added that extensive research shows that if Chieftaincy is well recognized and appreciated, it could help create a pluralistic society and bring about peace among citizens. He went further to say that some of the countries which have neglected Chiefs are in shambles and Batswana will be doing a tremendous mistake should they neglect Chiefs,” he said.

Giving another word of advice to the newly inaugurated chief of Marapong, Masunga said that chieftaincy comes along with challenges of which he should tread upon carefully not to backtrack on his position as a chief. He said that there will be a time when his subjects will turn their backs against him and added that those will be the trying times of which he will have to be strong and prove his leadership skills and values.

“Being a chief does not only mean being given a throne, but it means the ability to have good leadership skills on your people,” he advised.

The inauguration of Chief Mampori in Marapong attracted many other tribal leaders and chiefs from nearby villages in the Tonota North Constituency and the North East District.
The event was marked by song and dance as the new chief was also showered with gifts from different villages.


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