Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Matebele spruce up their kraal

BDF XI is refurbishing their stadium to meet the prescribed FIFA requirements, the club’s vice chairperson Kgethang Patrick Phefo said at press briefing on Friday. 

“The construction of the first phase has already started. These include the laying of the artificial turf and the erection of the fence around the pitch,” he said. 

“Our grass is suffering because there is not enough watering due to water regulations and artificial turf will alleviate the situation,” Phefo said. 

He said FIFA and BFA would be consulted to assist in meeting the turf requirements and set standards. 

The artificial turf will not only be the major development at the SSKB Stadium. “We are also going to install flood flights to allow for night games,” Phefo explained. 

“We are going to build stands using scaffolds to increase the sitting capacity to 10 000,” Phefo said.  

He said his team would not be using the SSKB this season as its home ground because of the ongoing construction but for the 2017/18 one they will be utilising it next season. Upon completion the stadium is hoped to add to the ones around Gaborone and provide an alternative venue for Premier League fixtures.  

Meanwhile, the team’s coach coach Louis Rasetshwane said this season he would focus on the development of young players, but will also aim for the championship. 

Chairperson Lawrence Rapula also shared the same sentiments with his coach. “We want to see football grow and it will not grow without BDF XI competing fully,” he said.   He said they were on a drive to secure sponsorship to afford and retain players.


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